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Don & Sons Puts Success in a Box

Don & SonsSituation

Don Sebastiani & Sons, a family owned and operated winery, wanted to extend their successful Pepperwood Grove brand’s package offering to include both 750mL glass bottles and 3-liter bag-in-box. The winery knew from their research that consumers often do not purchase boxed wine because their preferred brand is not in the boxed wine isle. Don Sebastiani & Sons sought to create a package with consistent design and style to make their box wine easily recognizable to their customers who traditionally purchased bottled wine.


Don Sebastiani & Sons wanted a packaging supplier that could supply innovative packaging materials and meet their productions demands. Scholle IPN was an ideal fit to supply Don Sebastiani & Sons with packaging materials and industry expertise to help bring this product, The Big Green Box, to market.

The Big Green BoxResult

Since putting the bag-in-box packaging together two years ago, Don Sebastiani & Sons has surpassed their initial production prediction. The winery initially began packaging four of their Pepperwood Grove wines in bag-in-box, but has since expanded to seven of their wines. In the future, Don Sebastiani & Sons hopes to see all their Pepperwood Grove wines available to consumers both in glass bottles and 3-liter bag-in-box.