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Galloway Chooses Bag-In-Box for its Dairy Mix Products

Galloway logoSituation

Galloway Company is the largest manufacturer of frozen dairy dessert mix in Wisconsin. Quality is the cornerstone for Galloway’s products, using only fresh ingredients from the best quality farm milk in the state. Galloway and their customers were both growing and looking to expand.


Scholle IPN and the Galloway Company have had a long history of partnering to develop innovative packaging formats for the dairy mix business.  As one of their largest customers continued to grow, Galloway needed to meet demands for a viable package offering that could reach farther locations and did not rely on expensive returnable dairy cases.

Dairy bag-in-boxResults

Galloway Company and Classic Mix were able to have a fast and flexible solution that fit their customers’ needs and allowed them to grow into new markets through collaboration with Scholle IPN and bag-in-box packaging.


  • Aseptic bags along with fresh fill cold chain dairy logistics


  • Fresh fill delivers high-quality products as they are intended to be enjoyed


  • Prevent unnecessary costs of replacing unreturned crates
  • Ability to serve geographically where Galloway previously could not


  • Reduce shipping and logistic costs by removing the need to return crates
  • Eliminate reliance on petroleum to make plastic crates