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Joyride Takes a Spin with Work-From-Home Consumers

About Joyride

Joyride LogoFrom a food truck to one of the most recognizable names in the office coffee game, Joyride has always been committed to bringing drinkers the best quality coffee since 2009. Joyride works with the most esteemed roasters to bring specialty coffee to offices across the nation and make office coffee something to look forward to. Along with bridging the gap between roasters and office workers, Joyride provides brewing equipment and storage supplies to ensure that office workers are well-caffeinated and sipping on high-quality coffee.

Partners for Success

Joyride has always prided itself on bringing quality coffee to places that might be hard to reach. The current COVID-19 pandemic presented a new hurdle for the company: delivering coffee to people who are now working from home.

Scholle IPN and Joyride started their journey together in 2015 with the launch of Joyride’s bag-in-box cold brew which uses our ergonomic FlexTap®, allowing shoppers to pick up a box of cold brewed coffee at the grocery store. However, they wanted to find a solution that would make getting quality coffee and tea as easy as it was when workers were in the office. Joyride wanted to implement a packaging design that allowed them to ship directly to people at home and needed an option that was economical, sturdy, and preserved the integrity of the final product.

Joy Ride CoffeePackaging coffee presents unique obstacles. We’ve worked with a number of cold brew companies to provide innovative solutions to problems that can hamper a business if not addressed carefully. Cold brew is volatile; it can lose its flavor and vibrancy easily when exposed to oxygen and can start to go bad and pick up bacteria and other microorganisms if packaged incorrectly. Our aseptic packaging technology ensures that a product like cold brew can stay shelf-stable, increasing the reach a company like Joyride can achieve when shifting from an institutional to direct-to-consumer format.

We partnered with Joyride to develop packaging solutions that could meet their changing consumer needs. At the beginning of 2020, Joyride only provided coffee to institutional and retail settings, so getting coffee directly to consumers presented a challenge—and one that needed to be solved quickly. Building on our prior relationship with Joyride and their unique needs, we were able to develop a bag-in-box solution that could be shipped directly to consumers.

In an era where ordering online isn’t simply a convenience but the norm, Joyride wanted to make sure they could still bring their customers coffee in a way that was safe and reliable without sacrificing quality or flavor profile. “[Working with Scholle IPN] enabled Joyride to bring cold brew coffee for home use to the market while skipping the line at the grocery store and shipping nationally,” a spokesperson for Joyride shared. By developing a direct-to-consumer format, Joyride was able to save time by cutting out the distribution link to grocery stores and establishing a new market tailored to the challenges facing consumers today.

Better for You. Better for the Environment.

Joyride’s direct-to-consumer coffee line addressed a variety of concerns. Not only does the bag-in-box format provide a safe delivery system for coffee, it also cut out the steps between Joyride and its customers. Joyride’s mission is “to craft delicious beverages that are good for people and the planet,” and through working with Scholle IPN, Joyride was able to:

  • Connect directly with consumers
  • Establish an entire new line of products to meet changing consumer needs
  • Build trust in a burgeoning platform by ensuring product was delivered safely without sacrificing quality
  • Eliminate hurdles to communicating with consumers and speak directly to their needs
  • Cut back on resources and provide a direct-to-consumer solution that is significantly more sustainable than alternative packaging

We’ve all heard the phrase “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” Reduce is first for a reason—it’s the most impactful of the three, and through our longstanding relationship with Joyride, we worked to provide a packaging solution that focused on source reduction. Joyride has enjoyed success with a number of our products, including industrial, institutional, and retail bag-in-box. We can help you find and adapt a solution that’s perfect for your customers!