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Kirkland Signature Embraces Boxed Wine

About Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Boxed WineAmericans buy more wine at Costco than at any other store. Among Costco’s wide variety of world-renowned labels sits their private label brand, Kirkland Signature. Kirkland’s focus on high-quality, affordable wines has made it a formidable brand in the marketplace and have found their way into millions of homes across the US.

Partners for Success

Consumer acceptance of alternative packaging for wine in the United States has steadily grown for the past decade. Wine drinkers have begun to make the switch to packaging like bag-in-box as it allows them to treat wine less like an occasional treat and more like an everyday staple due to its cost-friendly pricing and ability to keep “opened” wines fresh for up to six weeks.

Costco decided to bottle their well-love Kirkland Signature brand of wines in bag-in-box and found a ready-and-waiting fan base.

Kirkland Boxed Wine

Kirkland Signature 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wine Enthusiast reviews this Californian made Cabernet Sauvignon and it passes with flying colors.

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Sustainability and Retail Wine Packaging

Costco has stated in their Sustainability Commitment guide that they will “operate in an environmentally-responsible manner,” and “strategically source merchandise in a sustainable manner.” For packaging, Costco, and its Kirkland Signature wine brand seeks to “provide sustainable packaging to their members without compromising food safety, product quality or sales while ensuring the packaging: (1) complied with laws and regulations, (2) reduces materials, and (3) communicates effectively with their members.*”

By producing their well-loved Kirkland Signature wines in a bag-in-box format, the company reduces the overall packaging required to deliver their wine to members. With bag-in-box wine packaging, Kirkland wines provides:

  • A significant reduction in process greenhouse gas compared to glass bottles
  • Less secondary packaging needed to ship and merchandise the wine in stores
  • Fewer product returns due to breakage in supply chain transit

Scholle IPN SEIC Chart 1.5L BIB vs 2-.75L Bottles

Read more about Kirkland Signature wines in their member magazine, Costco Connection.