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Koh Makes Cleaning Simple with Bag-In-Box

About Koh

Koh is a modern, environmentally-conscious cleaning supply company that strips away all the clutter that usually comes with household cleaning items. Their goal is to remove anything unnecessary from your cleaning regimen, including harsh chemicals and excessive packaging. Koh’s pared-down line of products is versatile and can be used for multiple purposes—instead of a cleaner for every surface in your home, for example, they have a universal cleaner that can be used in almost any room in the house.

Koh Universal cleanerOne of the ways that Koh makes cleaning simple is by offering refillable bottles. Scholle IPN partnered with Koh to design a flexible packaging solution for their Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)-certified Universal Cleaner line. As their ecommerce line was growing, they were looking for a way to make filling their reusable bottles easy. Shipping efficiencies were key as well, as this is a critical distribution pathway whose importance has only been heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partner for Success

We started working with Koh to design a bag-in-box solution for their most popular product: their Universal Cleaner, a multi-surface cleaner that cuts through grease, grime, and dirt anywhere in your home.

The bag-in-box accompanies a reusable atomizer, which users receive along with a set of microfiber towels to wipe down counters and other surfaces when they purchase a starter bundle. “Our cleaning system is carefully designed to cut back on plastic and paper use, and bag-in-box system offered our consumers a compact, easy-to-use system to refill the atomizer, which aligns well with Koh’s mission to clean with less impact,” says Adam, Koh Founder and CEO. Due to the design of our bag-in-box packaging, you can package more with less – exactly what Koh was looking for.

At the same time, Koh’s online presence was growing, and they needed a packaging solution that would ship securely, without breaking. Scholle IPN was a natural fit for this project, not only because of our decades of experience working within the flexible packaging sector, but because of our understanding of distribution and shipping needs, particularly in the growing ecommerce channel.

Koh decided to package their Universal Cleaner in a 4L FlexTap bag. Before working with Scholle IPN, Koh packaged their Universal Cleaner in a 4L F-Style jug made of rigid plastic. By moving their Universal Cleaner to bag-in-box, Koh saw material weight by reductions up to 66%, energy usage reductions up to 75%, and up to 75% less post-consumer waste.

Scholle IPN FlexTap Bag-in-Box fitmentBoth products were outfitted with our FlexTap fitment, which is designed to be ergonomic, easy-to-use, and quick to dispense. It’s critical that the products we design are not only environmentally responsible, but simple for consumers to use. If a fitment is difficult to use or makes the process of refilling more difficult, end users might be discouraged to buy these products.

As a direct-to-consumer company, Koh needed their packaging to be durable for shipping. During a presentation on how ecommerce is changing buying habits, David Luttenberger, the Global Packaging Director for Mintel, shared that 42% of consumers buy their household products online, and that’s unlikely to change despite COVID. Bag-in-box packaging is easier to handle than other rigid formats—and it’s more resilient than rigid formats, meaning it’s less likely to break during shipping.

The FlexTap packages checked all the boxes for Koh: they’re an easy-to-store, easy-to-palletize, and easy-to-ship solution that helps achieve their environmental goals.

Better for You. Better for the Environment.

With Koh, we were able to tackle a number of logistical concerns with one simple and effective solution. We designed a flexible packaging format that complimented their company values: a solution that makes cleaning simple by focusing on source reduction throughout the supply chain.

Our FlexTap packaging cuts back on raw materials, reduces carbon emissions, and ensures that waste is not created during distribution through efficient pallet use and durable packaging that can withstand travel. Through our partnership with Koh, we saw:

We are adept at understanding the needs of your business and can design a flexible packaging solution that conforms with your values. Contact us today for more.