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Less is More with Chevron’s Smart Change System

About Chevron

ChevronChevron is one of the most recognizable names in the energy game. For over 140 years, Chevron has delivered energy across the globe, finding new ways to provide affordable oil and natural gas that allows people to power their lives. Millions of people have used Chevron products to make their cars run—and run reliably. Not only have you likely pumped your gas at a Chevron station, but you may have oil from Chevron in your car right now.

Chevron is committed to maximizing gas mileage on your car while minimizing gas emissions and reducing their overall carbon footprint. We partnered with Chevron to reimagine their Havoline product line to create a package that reduced the amount of oil and plastic entering landfills—and along the way, created a package that was visually appealing and disrupted the pattern of typical motor oil containers customers engage with on the shelf.

Partners for Success

With the new packaging solution for Chevron, we were able to help them reduce waste on two fronts: total packaging used and product waste. We’ve all scraped at the bottom of a container for the last of a product or lamented wasted product that leaks from a poorly designed spout. When we teamed up with Chevron, our intention was to address both concerns.

Havoline is part of the Chevron brand and delivers products like motor oil, transmission fuel, and coolants for cars—items to keep your engine running longer. “Havoline protects your engine and your wallet,” their website says. “Not only is Havoline…a top-quality motor oil that helps protect your engine, but promotional offers on all quality Havoline products and xpress lube services also help protect the money in your wallet.”

Havoline is a brand that prides itself on consumer engagement and providing value to its users. If you go to their Instagram page, there are dozens of photos of restored cars that rely on Havoline products to run like they did when they first hit the road. Paying attention to their consumers means they are ahead of the game in identifying the importance of packaging in elevating the user experience. Not only could drivers rely on Havoline to keep their cars going, but they could know the products they were using were more sustainable than their competitors.

Scholle IPN helped Chevron switch from 1-quart bottles to a 6-quart bag-in-box package using our 8100 fitment, which helps users control their pouring speed and prevents product splash. Knowing this would be a big change for consumers, Chevron built a campaign, called the Havoline Smart Change, and created assets for consumers to learn more about the package change. Chevron was able to provide customers with 20% more oil for the same price in a packaged that uses 70% less plastic.

Better for You. Better for the Environment.

Scholle IPN Sustainability in Flexible Packaging iconChevron is a household name. It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of global brands adopting more sustainable packaging and the impact these switches can have on the environment.

The switch from plastic bottles to bag-in-box might seem small, but the impact is large. The materials needed for six 1-quart packages is equivalent to the amount of materials needed to make ten 6-quart bags, according to our research. If 37.5 million units of an item, like Havoline oil, were switched from rigid bottles to bag-in-box, that’s a 91% reduction in plastic—and enough energy conserved to power 3,482 homes for a full year.

By partnering with Chevron to produce the Havoline Smart Change, we were able to help them:

  • Reduce the amount of packaging waste by 70%
  • Provide customers with a better value by giving them 20% more product
  • Disrupt the presence of other motor oil packages on the shelf and provide customers with an appealing new presentation
  • Anticipate the needs of Havoline consumers and meet their growing expectations for products that can demonstrate longevity and care for their surroundings
  • Create a more satisfying customers experience with a newly-designed package that makes pouring oil easier