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Making a Splash with Aquasplash Limited

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About Aquasplash

Aquasplash Ltd is a 100% New Zealand-owned and operated brand producing bag-in-box water in a state-of-the-art processing facility located in Putaruru, New Zealand. Sourced from Te Waihou Reserve’s Blue Spring located on the outskirts of Putaruru, South Waikato, New Zealand, Aquasplash’s water offers significant health benefits due to the Silica content.

Partners for Success

Waihouu Spring BIB WaterTo that end, Aquasplash has always looked to bring the benefits of their water to where it’s most needed. With our bag-in-box water package, we helped them do just that! For the past few years, Aquasplash has used Scholle IPN flexible packaging to bring water to China and their fellow New Zealanders. Their customers prefer the bag-in-box package for its ergonomic, on-tap benefits. The ease-of-use offers a simpler way to fill and refill bottles and kettles. It offers their customers the flexibility to store in the refrigerator, or take along to games, picnics, beaches, and more! With our patented 2Pure™ film for water, this package offers significantly less waste than traditional rigid bottles.

Better for You. Better for the Environment.

As a brand known for its passion for delivering fresh water sustainably, bag-in-box was the perfect fit. With flexible packaging, they are minimizing their impact on the environment with their packaging choices. Their boxes are fully recyclable, while their 10L bags hold the equivalent to 20 bottles of water, but without the weight, raw materials, or greenhouse gases associated with the manufacturing or transport of those bottles. In fact, their bag offers a 36% reduction in greenhouse gases as compared to rigid water packages!

Scholle IPN SEIC Chart 500 mL Plastic Bottle vs 10L Bag-in-Box

If you’re ready to get started with bag-in-box water, drop us a line!