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Daus (Ourolac) Switches to Aseptic Bag-in-Box for Ice Cream Base

About Daus (Ourolac)

Daus (OurolacOurolac) is a leading dairy foods producer in Brazil, focusing on milkshake and dessert products for quick-serve restaurants and out-of-doors retailers. Since 2002, Daus has produced their products using UHT and Aseptic processing and filling technologies. Ice cream lovers in South America can find Daus products in quick-serve restaurants like KFC, Bob’s, Burger King, and Giraffa’s.

Partnering for Success

Ourolac PackagingDaus had a challenge to reduce costs incurred by packaging losses from their legacy form-fill-seal packaging system. By switching their production to Scholle IPN bag-in-box fillers and packaging, Daus increased their production and product reliability. And, along the way, their ice cream product created a new marketing category in Brazilian ice cream market!

Scholle IPN’s Commercial Team and Packaging Applications leads in our Vinhedo, Brazil, location began working with Daus to identify their ideal packaging solution. Critical to success were the combination of highly-engineered film, a user-friendly fitment, and state-of-the-art filling equipment for a total packaging solution designed to suit their unique needs.


Daus’ milkshake base product has some weight to it. Scholle IPN’s film combination of FlexiTuff® and HyBar® was chosen for its seal strength and ability to hold up throughout a rigorous aseptic filling and delivery logistics.


The Scholle IPN 1400 fitment was chosen for its ease-of-use and ability to remain hermetically sealed from the moment the bag-in-box package is filled through to the moment it’s opened at the restaurant. The fitment’s proven performance is a key to Daus’ success, as aseptically-packaging goods do not rely on cold chain logistics. Instead, these products are shipped in an ambient atmosphere, which is a great savings both economically and environmentally.


Daus’ aseptic filling operations feature the Scholle IPN SureFill 30 and the SureFill 40. These filling machines are able to handle a wide range of bag-in-box sizes and fitment options, giving Ourolac the ability to grow and change as both their business and the marketplace evolve.

Sustainability and Aseptic Dairy Packaging

Protecting the Earth and its resources is important to us. That’s part of the reason aseptic packaging technology is such a big part of what we do. It expands potential for fresh products by freeing you from the cost, logistics, and energy restraints of cold chain. Provide preservative-free products that stay fresh up to 12 months on the shelf—no refrigeration needed.

To learn more about the difference between an aseptic and cold-chain supply models, visit our Sustainability page.

See Our Partnership in Action

Learn how Daus brings their delicious dairy-based desserts to market with Scholle IPN’s aseptic bag-in-box packaging and filling equipment!

Interested in our aseptic packaging solutions for dairy products? Contact us today! To read more about Daus and their line of dairy products, visit their website at https://daus.global.