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SIOC-Approved Bag-In-Box Packaging for Liquid Products

Scholle IPN, a leading global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, announced today that they have made commercially available a range of Amazon ISTA-6, SIOC-certified bag-in-box packaging for liquid products.

Scholle IPN partnered with Georgia-Pacific’s corrugated packaging solutions to develop, test, and certify three patent-pending bag-in-box package formats for liquids according to Amazon’s stringent SIOC certification process. The package range includes a consumer-friendly dispensing tap design; a pour-out style solution; and a large-format dispensing tap design for large-volume use cases. The bag-in-box packaging ranges in sizes from 2- to 23-liters and requires no exterior shrink wrapping as a part of the solutions. The ecommerce-friendly packaging is ideal for products such as: cleaning chemicals, laundry care chemicals, lawn care chemicals, automotive fluids, and beverages like wine and water.


Brent Haynam, Commercial Engineering Manager for Scholle IPN, said of the need for a change in package format, “In ecommerce, we’re using existing—oftentimes rigid—packages that can work fine for certain applications but not necessarily for this channel. With rigid packaging, distributors find that they need to add secondary and tertiary packaging to these products, which increases costs and doesn’t guarantee that the products are going to survive delivery.” Haynam continued with the environmental benefits of bag-in-box for ecommerce, “Switching to an efficient, flexible pack reduces the overall packaging weight, has a better product-to-package ratio, and, with this SIOC (Ships-In-Own-Container) packaging, there is no need for wasteful, additional packaging in distribution. We’re seeing overall carbon footprint reductions of up to 67% and total energy savings of 75% in some cases. The environmental impacts are significant and the efficiencies in the ecommerce distribution chain are valuable.”

Keri Wilson, Senior Packaging Innovation Engineer for Georgia-Pacific, spoke to the difficulty of delivering a SIOC-certified package for liquids, “Delivering single packages of liquids through e-commerce is a significant technical challenge. We needed to design a corrugate solution that could not only protect up to 50 pounds of liquid, but also survive multiple drop sequences and a multi-hour vibration test.” Wilson continued, “Once we created a solution that could survive this test, we need to ensure that the end user could easily access the product and enjoy the experience without extraneous secondary wraps or hard-to-open tap perforations. It’s not enough for us to just get it there; we need the packaging to perform throughout the channel, reducing waste every step of the way.”

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