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Sustainable Filling Machines by Bossar

Addressing the World’s Quest for Greater Sustainability


Bossar Packaging Machinery

When it comes to creating the most competent response to the world’s sustainability problems, look no further than Bossar’s latest packaging machine technology.

Bossar is a leader in the design and manufacturing of optimized packaging machinery that addresses the world’s need for greater sustainability and the recycling of plastic waste. The company’s latest full-servo machines offer the most advanced technology available in HFFS machinery today. Another important feature of the new Bossar range are the savings they can offer on regular maintenance, as all adjustments are carried out via their crystal-clear HMI screen. This facilitates each machine’s functionality, thus making them more reliable and more user-friendly than any other such machine on the market.

Bossar excels in pouch making, and in particular, spout sealing. This is due to their in-depth knowledge gained from working in close partnership with their sister company Scholle IPN.

Differentiating technology

Bossar BMS 2.4Bossar’s most recent packaging machinery offers customers the world’s most advanced technology, all of which are designed to significantly improve packaging performances and deliver more sustainable packaging. These unique machines have built-in features created specifically to increase recyclability and more sustainable packaging. This is especially true of Bossar’s BMS series, which are servo driven, thus outclassing the functionality of mechanical machines.

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If you’d like to know more about Bossar’s packaging machine solutions read the full Sustainable Packaging News article or visit bossar.com.