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Water Packaging That Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Water is Essential to Life

The important role that water plays in our bodies and health is essential; it regulates body temperature, protects tissues and joints, filters waste and helps the body absorb nutrients. It also improves mood, energy and cognitive function. Safe and accessible water is important to public health, local economies, and poverty reduction.

The Opportunity

Access to clean, safe drinking water is a luxury in many parts of the world. Globally, approximately 580 million people do not have access to clean water. Natural disasters and emergencies can contaminate local water supplies or cause the supply to be cut off. This often happens immediately, without warning, and can sometimes affect water supply for a long time, putting health and life at risk.

How We Can Help

Plus Water BoxWhen emergencies like these occur, disaster relief workers prioritize the delivery of safe drinking water to affected areas. Scholle IPN’s water packaging provides access to large quantities of drinking water in economical packaging that’s easy to distribute and dispense. Our innovative flexible packaging products are ideal for supplying clean drinking water in virtually any size package while minimizing packaging waste and environmental impact.

Bottled water became popular with the rise of plastic production – it’s convenient, portable and has a long shelf life. However, single-use water bottles come at a serious price to our environment. Buying larger containers of water in more sustainable packaging is one way to reduce environmental impact. Scholle IPN’s bag-in-box technology allows for the delivery of greater volumes of water using less material. One 8-liter bag-in-box package eliminates the production of sixteen 16.9 oz (500 mL) water bottles.

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Consumers Are Ready

Consumers are ready for sustainable options and are looking to be loyal to companies who are committed to making changes that reduce carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Source Reduction With Flexible Packaging

More than one million plastic bottles are sold every minute throughout the world. Approximately 70% of these bottles end up in landfills where they take at least 450 years to completely degrade. We have been packaging water in bag-in-box packages all over the world for over 20 years. We’ve produced over 60 million 3-gallon bag-in-box packages, which replace production of 1.3 billion 16.9 oz (500 mL) water bottles. The production of our containers produces minimal emissions, offers a better product-to-package ratio and collapses as it’s used, ensuring that every drop is expelled.

2Pure™ Technology

ScholleIPN DuraTech Film

Water is naturally tasteless and odorless, and is susceptible to taking on the taste of its container. Our 2Pure™ technology prevents water from being contaminated by its container or its surroundings. Unlike most polyethylene-based films, 2Pure™ is a single-layer film, specifically developed for ozonated water. Our proprietary 2Pure™ film protects the water from plastic leaching or adapting any taste or smell; the water tastes as fresh as the day it went into the container. This appeals to the average consumer as well as our most discerning customers who package premium alkaline waters. This technology allows users to dispense more of what’s inside, so clean drinking water isn’t wasted. Our bag-in-box products empower brands like yours to deliver drinking water where it’s needed, protecting its purity naturally and sustainably.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As scientists warn about the rate of global warming, we are all challenged to look to our daily habits and make changes. We are encouraged to refuse plastic straws, bring reusable bags instead of taking plastic shopping bags, and reduce our consumption of single-use plastics. On a larger scale, producers of packaging materials are tasked with finding more sustainable solutions. Environmental stewardship is important to us as we help our customers navigate the delivery of goods in responsible, convenient packaging. More than 70% of the rigid, single-use plastics that are recyclable routinely end up in landfills. This is not only because of noncompliance or unavailability of recycling programs, but also because recycling centers are not equipped to handle the volume or variety of recyclable plastics.

Neverfail spring Water bag-in-boxOur flexible packaging protects drinking water purity while making it safe and easy to dispense from virtually any size package. Our bag-in-box products keep water fresh and clean from fill to final dispensing, packaged to reach remote locations with minimal waste and environmental impact. We are focused on improving our carbon footprint as a company and helping our customers reduce their environmental impact. We are excited to bring our proprietary technology to new brands, allowing them to take advantage of the shelf space offered by 3-, 5-, 8- or 10-liter boxes, with room for high color graphics that jump off the shelf.

We have been producing bag-in-box packages for over 60 years and is excited for the continued growth of our 2Pure™ film technology. Our bag-in-box products are used around the world in beverage dispensing systems by beverage processors, foodservice operators, and quick-serve restaurants. Sterile, closed-loop, bag and fitment systems keep liquid products safe from contact exposure while protecting purity, quality, and freshness.

Ready for the Next Step?

For water companies looking to make a step toward sustainability, Scholle IPN is ready to help make the change toward environmental responsibility easy. Our complete bag-in-box systems protect your product, delivering it to end-users with the quality and freshness you intended. Scholle IPN offers retail-friendly boxed beverages as small as 1 liter and as large as 300 gallons (220L), sturdy enough to handle the rigors of shipping and harsh environmental conditions. It’s a clean, cost-effective, and high-performance alternative to conventional rigid containers, and we can’t wait to empower you on your sustainability journey!