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What is Co-extruded Film?

ScholleIPN FlexiShield Film*Co-extruded film is a multilayer film produced by a compound molding technique that extrudes thermoplastic resin with multiple extruders and passes that through a single die to build up layers of melted resin both on the inside and outside of a film. A film can be produced on a blown film or cast film extrusion line. It can be made with one layer or multiple layers of material. When a film is made with one layer of material, it is called a mono-layer film. When it is made with multiple layers of material, it is called co-extruded film. Scholle IPN uses blown film extrusion and has lines with up to 9 layers of film. Some examples of our co-extruded films include the 7-layer EnduraShield Advance and the 5-layer FlexiShield Advance.

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