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What is Film Lamination?

ScholleIPN DuraTuff Advance FilmLaminates are created when a piece of equipment takes two (a structure called duplex) or three (a structure called triplex) films and adheres (or bonds) them together. Scholle IPN uses solvent-free technologies for this process for both adhesive and thermal lamination.  Laminates are used for a variety of flowable products, and Scholle IPN’s unique structures are designed to keep products safe while extending their shelf life.  Laminates can be used in combination with fitments and filling equipment to create a complete solution to meet all needs.

When it comes to printed film, we offer printed roll stock using flexo or roto technology. This print can be on the surface of a film, or reverse printed on a substrate and then laminate to protect it inside the structure. Learn more about one of our film manufacturing locations here!