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What is the Materials Science Lab?

Our fully-equipped Materials Science Lab supports all of our locations across the globe through specialized scientific testing that ensures products will meet all goals and regulations. Lab experts do this important work through four distinct types of projects:

  • R&D: For any new project, specifications are set for performance and the team continues refining the product until it hits the specification goal.
  • Manufacturing Support: This covers anything a manufacturing plant needs to know before changing a product or process, and includes continuous improvement, expansion, and other types of manufacturing projects. 
  • Commercial Support: Projects that enable customers to find the right solutions for their products. This covers a variety of tests that observe compatibility between products, dispensers, and the packaging materials, as well as analysis of competitor’s solutions and products.
  • Quality Support: Investigating customer complaints, and then finding solutions to correct errors, support customers, and keep product quality high. 

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Located at our headquarters in Northlake, Illinois, this fully-equipped lab is staffed by expert scientists with chemistry and engineering backgrounds who develop testing methods supporting all of our locations across the globe, as well as technicians that operate the lab’s sophisticated analytical equipment.