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Why Consider Flexible Packaging for Ecommerce?

The majority of consumers shop online—and that’s no surprise to anybody. In the United States alone, ecommerce sales reached an estimated $591 billion dollars(1), and globally ecommerce sales are expected to reach $4.9 trillion in 2021(2). Over half of all millennials prefer shopping online versus in-person(3), and the COVID-19 pandemic has made online sales a necessity for people looking to get their products safely. And as the above numbers suggest, online sales are only going to continue to grow and reshape the way consumers buy products.

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Why So Many Report Feeling Dissatisfied With Their Online Purchases?

Scholle EcommerceMintel research indicates that only 11% of ecommerce customers are completely satisfied with the way their packages are received. How common is it to order something small and receive a package that feels redundant? Perhaps a box within a box? Or maybe dozens of torn up pieces of paper and tissue, meant to pad your purchase, only to be broken in transit?

As easy as it is to order online, it’s also easy to review products and purchases, so the final moment when a consumer opens a package is critical. 77% of millennials trust written reviews on websites like Amazon and Yelp just as much as they do a verbal recommendation(4). A few complaints about wasteful packaging or damaged products can be enough to tank a product’s online reliability.

Compact by DesignImproving your customer’s ecommerce experience is crucial to the viability of your business, and flexible packaging gives your customers a satisfying ecommerce experience. Not only does our flexible packaging reduce touch points along the supply chain, it reduces the risk of damage in transit with both Compact by Design and SIOC-approved solutions.

Earning trust from your customers isn’t just about providing an excellent product, but about aligning all parts of the ecommerce experience with your company values. A sustainably-packaged item wrapped with care speaks volumes. To learn more about packaging for ecommerce, check out this webinar.

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