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Why is Flexible Packaging Good for Ecommerce?

Havoline Bag-in-BoxWith sustainability efforts becoming more frequently sought out by customers than ever before, flexible packaging offers the opportunity to create packaging that adheres to the values of our company and our customers. Today, more people are aware of the environmental impacts of their actions, and with online shopping being as prevalent as it is, customers are looking for ways to minimize their carbon footprint through means of efficient packaging. Because of this, the market for sustainable products is surging. This is where flexible packaging comes in.

Flexible packaging is more efficient and cost effective for manufacturers, and more appealing to customers as a sustainable option for their products, so it requires an increase in production of flexible packaging to meet the needs of everyone involved.* This provides us with the opportunity to reinforce our brand as a sustainable company dedicated to reducing waste. Additionally, flexible packaging uses less material than rigid packaging and has less risk of damage in transport. It requires less tertiary packaging because it can be shipped in its own container, following Amazon’s SIOC protocols.

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