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Scholle IPN and SIG are Joining Forces at NAMA Coffee, Tea, and Water Conference

November 7, 2022

SIG Packaging

Scholle IPN and SIG have joined forces, and the team is headed to this year’s NAMA Coffee, Tea, and Water (CTW) in Las Vegas. We’ll be showcasing both Scholle IPN’s market-leading bag-in-box packaging offerings alongside SIG’s world-renowned cartons; demonstrating to potential clients the unmatched range of packaging options that we can now provide together.

CTAThis year’s CTW conference promises to be everything it’s been in previous years plus so much more. They are proud to present new hands-on experiences and display cutting-edge innovations along with integrated solutions for both the workplace and across the supply chain. Come see us in booth 1412 to learn more about how we are, in fact, better together.

We sat down with Kevin Bergenthun, Director of Business Development for Scholle IPN, to discuss what to expect from this year’s event.

What do we offer to the coffee, tea, and water markets?

Wandering BearKB: The coffee, tea, and water markets are arguably some of the strongest offering segments that Scholle IPN and SIG have. Scholle IPN, being the authority in aseptic bag-in-box packaging, takes a lot of pride in the quality of our packaging and our clients stay with us for that very reason. We are dependable, reliable, and the best in the space.

With us, clients can count on a non-refrigerated package that protects the taste and reliably stores their products for up to a year after packaging, effectively eliminating the need for cold chain shipping and distribution while working with reliable, sustainable packaging.

Boxed WaterWater packaging is a topic that’s very near and dear to my heart. Now in my sixth year with Scholle IPN and with over twenty-five years in the industry, I can confidently say we have developed the best packaging on the market. Water is notoriously difficult to package because over time, it often takes on the taste and odor of either the packaging or everything it is stored around. Often if you store it near food or anything with a pungent odor, that can seep into your water. But Scholle IPN developed 2Pure film technology that guarantees taint-and-odor-free water packaging. It really is incredible technology.

On top of all of that, from an environmental point of view, both Scholle IPN and SIG products are designed to help our clients reach their sustainability goals. So, not only do we protect the integrity of clients’ liquid products with a top-notch packaging system, but we’re also able to help them contribute towards a greener tomorrow.

What can people expect when visiting the SIG and Scholle IPN booth at the conference?

KB: They should expect a lot of excitement! We will be there with bright eyes ready to show off our exceptional line of products and impeccable reliability. We’ve got experts from across the team that are going to be at the show and are looking forward to answering any and all questions that folks may have for us.

Is there anything in particular that we're showcasing there?

KB: We’ll be showcasing our aseptic carton and bag-in-box technologies for both coffee and tea. We will also be highlighting our water offerings including the incredible 2Pure technology I mentioned earlier, alongside with SIG’s incredible water carton technology.

How does the relationship between SIG and Scholle IPN open up possibilities for potential brands who want to work with us?

KB: Scholle IPN and SIG are global leaders in total packaging solutions. I’d say both could be compared to the Tesla of their markets in the sense that we are forward-thinking, environmentally conscious, and provide a high-quality product. Now joining forces under one company, we can provide an even greater selection of high-quality offerings to our clients. You’ll see at the show our joint tagline “Better Together” is far from an empty sentiment.

Who should come and talk to you at the event?

KB: Folks who care about their brand and want to put their best foot forward in the water, coffee, and tea markets. We love to work with everyone from the highest-profile clientele to up-and-comers in the space who are looking to differentiate and partner themselves with a reliable company dedicated to the highest-quality packaging from manufacturing all the way to the moment when satisfied consumers are able to recycle their purchase. As I say a lot, “you only have one chance to make a good first impression” and we’re confident that folks who want to do that will be benefited by coming to visit us at the show.

Join us at Coffee, Tea, and Water in Las Vegas!

H2o ZoneAlong with visiting our booth throughout CTW, be sure to visit our presentation on Water Packaging and Sustainability at 2pm on Tuesday, November 15, in the H2O Zone!