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Scholle IPN and SIG at PACK EXPO International

September 19, 2022

Signature Packaging

Scholle IPN and SIG will join forces at this year’s PACK EXPO International at McCormick Place in Chicago from October 23-26. We attended last year’s PACK EXPO in Las Vegas, but the international show promises to be “the most comprehensive packaging and processing show in the world in 2022,” according to the PACK EXPO website.

PackExpoPACK EXPO International also represents the first event Scholle IPN and SIG will attend as one company. We’ve spent the last few months highlighting ways our two companies are better together, and PACK EXPO will be an opportunity for us to communicate how we’re stronger as one. Join us at Booth 8137 in the Lakeside Upper Hall to learn how we can deliver total packaging solutions unlike anyone else.

We chatted with Monte Kimball, Director of Retail Business Development for Scholle IPN, and Yasmin Siddiqi, Head of Marketing for SIG North America, about what to expect from us at this year’s show.

Why are we attending PACK EXPO? Why do we continue to participate every year?

MK: PACK EXPO is the preeminent packaging show in the US. It allows us to meet with prospects and customers and share how we invest in their business through our total packaging solution approach.

PACK EXPO is a starting point: an opportunity to talk with brand owners and co-manufacturers to explore ideas and invite them to visit our space to learn more. We hope to have exploratory, productive discussions that will lead to new projects or partnerships.

How will the new partnership between SIG and Scholle IPN change your presence at PACK EXPO?

YS: In the case of Scholle IPN and SIG, one plus one equals three. PACK EXPO is our first show globally we’ll be attending as a combined brand, and there’s already a lot of interest. We’re not just offering aseptic cartons or one kind of packaging format—now, we’re capable of providing the whole gamut, from retail to industrial packaging.

Our combined strength is compelling for our co-packers because they now have more available. We’re becoming much more relevant to a broader audience, and we now have more to talk about and more to offer. It just solidifies that we’re much stronger together—the hype is real!

MK: The value in the combination of our solutions to our target markets is powerful. Whether a booth visitor knows one, both, or neither organization, it will be evident why the synergies make sense and how we can drive even more value to their business. They will feel our strength in those markets in which we both have leading positions.

And for some brand owners and co-manufacturers who only knew one of the organizations, I expect that reaction to be, “Wow! I didn’t know you could do all these things!” Our presence will open new doors for customers and the Company.

What will you be showcasing at PACK EXPO?

YS: We will be showing some of our newer packaging innovations like combiDome as well as some of our existing formats. Innovation doesn’t always mean a totally unique package: it could be taking a product used in one industry and showcasing how it can be used in another.

But it’s also the people. You have a lot more resources at your disposal, and I think people should come to talk to us, if only to see how expansive our knowledge base is.

MK: Our booth will have a strong focus on retail products, highlighting our new corner-spout pouches, our most recent tethered fitment developments, and additional sustainable offerings, such as mono-material films and Scholle IPN’s APR-approved bag-in-box solution for water.

Due to spacing issues, we won’t have equipment on display—but because the event is in Chicago, we will be offering customers and prospective customers the opportunity to visit our Northlake facility which is only 20 minutes away.

How has COVID-19 changed the needs of brands? What pivots or innovations have taken place in the carton packaging sector that you think are here to stay?

YS: It’s not just the pandemic—inflation has also changed how we package things. People are looking for more shelf-stable items across all sectors because you never know when you’ll need something. Think about schools: early in the pandemic, we didn’t know when children would be able to return to classes, so milk was just thrown away because of spoilage.

There’s more of an interest and need for shelf-stable products that can be shipped anywhere while reducing waste. Companies are looking for the flexibility to package items in various sizes to meet consumers where they’re at. We offer our customers the ability to make multiple-sized packs on one machine, so you can reduce waste but also open the door to new markets.

How does this broad range of packaging formats open up possibilities for potential brands who want to work with you?

MK: In our short history together, the market has already realized the benefits of the combined organization by creating new consumption occasions and entering new channels. But the possibilities extend beyond having more packaging format choices from a single partner. With spouted pouch, carton, and bag-in-box formats, we have become a total packaging partner for brands across channels. It’s really a powerful thing to see happen in the industry.

We are better together, and the market will feel that through our technology improvements, our total cost of ownership approach, and our commitment to responsibly making our business and customers’ businesses more sustainable.

Who should talk to you? What sort of potential customers are you looking to work with?

YS: Anyone interested in sustainable packaging. Anyone looking to ship liquids, from small to large-size formats, retail to foodservice. Co-packers looking to expand their reach and get into new packaging types. Anyone looking to expand their line and enter new markets.

I’m a big believer in the idea that you can’t do it alone. You need to work together. So we’re looking for partners: maybe you’re looking to improve your sustainability metrics—how can we do that together? It’s not just about our direct customers or specific brands—it’s about working with partners with whom we can help make an impact.

Join Us for Happy Hour

SIG / Scholle IPNAlong with visiting our booth throughout PACK EXPO, you can join the SIG and Scholle IPN team for an in-booth happy hour from 3:00-5:00 on Monday, October 24th.

For more information, contact us at hello@scholleipn.com. We hope to see you at the show!