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Scholle IPN Attends Propak India for the First Time

December 17, 2019


Bossar at Propak

Scholle IPN is proud to be an international company, with nineteen locations in thirteen different countries. Propak India, a processing and packaging event held annually in October, accomplished its mission to reflect and support industry growth in India and abroad. Scholle IPN exhibited alongside our sister company, Bossar, to showcase our flexible packaging solutions for spouted standup pouches. We sat down with Raken Sanghavi, Sales and Marketing Manager for Scholle IPN, to learn more about the event.


Why did Scholle IPN choose to attend Propak India?

RS:  Propak India is co-organized for both health and food industries. The combination of the two market segments attracts many visitors every year, and with Scholle IPN having end-to-end solutions for both food and non-food we are able to engage both crowds.

Presenting alongside sister company Bossar Packaging, what value did visitors gain?

RS: Bossar’s horizontal form-fill-seal machines allow more customization opportunities for standup, spouted pouches. Pouches can be used to amplify label design, while providing a variety of different filling options, including aseptic. Exhibiting alongside Bossar allowed us to show prospects a complete solution for standup pouches.

What products and equipment were featured?

PropakRS: Our total flexible packaging solutions for spouted pouches included applications for condiments and sauces, though many applications can be adapted for a unique solution. In addition, there was great interest in our innovative spout and cap options, suitable for use in both food and non-food. Though bag-in-box packaging is a new entrant in many markets in Asia, applications for spring water and edible oil educated visitors on even more alternatives in flexible packaging.

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