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Scholle IPN Opens New Plant in Voronezh, Russia

January 6, 2021

Scholle IPN Russia

We are thrilled to announce that Scholle IPN is expanding! We’ve recently opened a facility in Voronezh, Russia to better serve our Eastern European and global clients.

Voronezh is a city of just over a million people located in the southwestern region of Russia, a few hours away from the northeastern coast of the Black Sea. Opening a new facility here brings us closer to a number of countries in Eastern Europe. This is an exciting time to develop our presence in Russia, which is a member of BRIC—an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, and China, countries that are all considered to be at the precipice of economic growth and development.

Unlocking a New Market

The new 2500 square meter facility (or just over 25,000 square feet) will house both offices and a warehouse, where production began in earnest in August of 2020. So far, the warehouse has produced institutional bag-in-box, CleanPouchⓇ, and fitments for the dairy, post-mix syrup, fruit and vegetable, and edible oil markets. We hope to add additional lightweight fitments and drum bags in the coming months and employ 25-30 people locally.

“Building up the organization in Voronezh allows us to be closer to the customer base, thus increasing our customer service level in a region with high administrative barriers to the outside world,” says Wladen Dyck, Managing Director of our Eastern European branch. Our new Voronezh location is a commitment to our global partners that we will meet their demands wherever their customers are.

In the past, parts of Eastern Europe and Russia have been difficult for our clients to serve. Products require higher costs due to added supply chain needs and importing raw materials. With the ability to produce items closer to consumers in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, we’re able to help them keep costs down and reduce excess waste through a simplified supply chain.

Continuing to Serve Our Global Community

With our facility in Voronezh, companies like Coca-Cola, Danone, and PepsiCo are better able to provide customers with a full catalog of products while pushing innovation into new sectors. We anticipate seeing growth in the agricultural sector and are poised to meet demands in new markets. Opening this new facility is just one of the steps in continuing to expand our global reach and breaking down barriers to entry for our customers to engage with new markets.

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