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Scholle IPN, part of SIG, Works to Empower Contract Packagers at ENGAGE

February 17, 2023

Partnering with the right contract packager can be the difference between a successful and a failed product launch. Scholle IPN, part of SIG, supports contract packagers, often referred to as co-packers or co-manufacturers, across industries so that brands can grow, experiment with new packaging formats, and differentiate their product line.

CPAThat’s why we’ll be at ENGAGE: The Contract Packaging and Manufacturing Experience in San Antonio, Texas, from February 21-23rd. The event is held annually and hosted by the Contract Packaging Association (CPA). “Working with a co-packer and co-manufacturer is a great way to help brand owners launch new products and test various products in the market,” says Monte Kimball, Director of Retail Business Development for Scholle IPN, part of SIG (who will be at this year’s CPA ENGAGE). “Partnering with a co-packer helps businesses avoid major capital expenditures if they’re unsure how a new product will perform—that’s why we forge relationships with co-packers to help our customers find the right co-packer for their needs.”
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Expanding Opportunities

Co-packers allow brands to enter new markets by diversifying their offerings through packaging while mitigating risk. We offer co-packers several different formats that brands can consider, and we have witnessed flexible packaging help brands break into new markets. “Our corner-spout pouches are a way we’ve seen clients expand into retail offerings,” says Kimball. “Most businesses don’t have the filling equipment or distribution streams to access the retail market, which is when working with a co-packer can open up that opportunity.”

Corner-spout pouches are a popular option for brands looking to get into retail food offerings: from juice to broth to condiments and sauces. But the possibilities of diversifying your offerings through packaging are endless. Together with SIG, we are a one-stop shop for all things.

Scholle IPN + SIG = More Packaging Options

Signature Packaging
This will be the first year we attend as one company with SIG, a global leader in aseptic carton packaging. Together as one, we’ll be able to offer brands even more packaging options. “Our product line is even stronger,” says Kimball. “SIG is a leading player in aseptic carton packaging in the food and beverage space, and they’re already well-established in the co-packing space.”

Scholle IPN and SIG are leaders in sustainable packaging, which gives brands an even deeper platform to differentiate. “SIG has a record of investing in sustainability initiatives and has accomplished so much in this sector,” says Kimball. “For example, they invented the aseptic carton without aluminum foil—and that’s just the beginning. We have much more to share with people interested in building their sustainability story.”

Come find us at table 23 on the show floor and learn more about co-packaging opportunities, and also learn more about how Scholle IPN works with co-manufacturers with our deep dive Q&A with Kimball here.