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Scholle IPN + SIG: Truly Better Together

June 2, 2022

Scholle IPN + SIG

The best pairings bring together two things that accentuate one another’s similarities but allow differences to shine. Instead of clashing, a perfect pairing allows two items to unite and be more than the sum of their parts.

That’s what we’re witnessing with the merger of Scholle IPN and SIG: two companies that share similar values, have long histories of innovation, and excel in different-but-complementary package formats. Scholle IPN has long been a leader in spouted pouch and bag-in-box packaging in the Americas and Asia, while SIG’s 170 year history has made them a household name in the carton packaging sector in Europe.

Although we make different products, we unite under the same values:

  • Sustainability through packaging and source reduction
  • Solutions-focused innovation
  • Unparalleled commitment to our customers.

As we prepare to merge, we want to highlight our key similarities and differences. Scholle IPN and SIG are truly better together, and we believe that together, we can heighten one another’s strengths and enhance our global presence.

Together, We're Committed To Sustainability

Scholle IPN + SIG

Sustainability is a core value to both Scholle IPN and SIG. It’s the foundation of both companies: our products require fewer materials, use less energy to produce, and reduce waste at every step of the supply chain.

Both companies take an active role in being environmentally responsible. SIG uses renewable, plant-based materials for most of its packaging and was the first to develop an aseptic carton made of 100% forest-based renewable materials. SIG uses 100% renewable energy in its plants and has worked to make cartons fully recyclable.

Scholle IPN’s flexible packaging focuses on source reduction and simple, mono-material construction. Bag-in-box and pouch packaging can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%, and our mono-material films are easier to recycle and require fewer materials to produce.

These are just examples of how both companies exemplify environmental responsibility. We start at the top, finding ways we can implement better systems that support a circular economy and reduce our carbon footprint from the moment an idea begins to take shape.

Both Scholle IPN and SIG have been recognized over and over for our shared investment in sustainable practices by organizations like EcoVadis, the Forest Stewardship Council™, FSSC 22000, and the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative. Together, we can provide customers with a diverse and comprehensive roadmap to meet their environmental goals and objectives.

Together, We're Committed To Innovation

Scholle IPN + SIG

Our groundbreaking work in responsible sourcing and manufacturing wouldn’t be possible without cutting-edge technology. Both Scholle and SIG create products backed by decades of experience and active investment in new and innovative solutions.

For example, both companies are leaders in aseptic packaging. That means we can help customers get their products to consumers across the globe safely and without any degradation and provide sustainable packaging solutions.

Our aseptic technology is backed by decades of research. We’ve used that experience to solve big, real-world problems: providing shelf-stable options that can ship quickly to vulnerable communities, for example, or packaging vital resources safely, like food for hospital patients.

But neither company is simply about solving problems and closing the door: we believe in empowering our clients, so we work to give our partners tools to vertically integrate their packaging systems. We’ve worked hard to become “one-stop shops” for our partners to provide them with ownership of their supply stream and simplify the packaging experience.

Now that we’re working together, this statement is even more true. We can fulfill more category needs and expand our packaging systems to a broader range of formats. Instead of choosing, potential consumers can come to us knowing we can find a packaging format for any current or future offering and give them the tools to succeed, from start to finish.

Together, We're Committed To Solutions

Scholle IPN + SIG

By joining forces, we can offer a more comprehensive range of packaging solutions—but we can also better understand our customers’ needs and the markets they operate in.

Together, we increase our global presence and can combine our knowledge of individual markets across the world. We know that a product that serves one community well might not fit the needs of another and that a product working well on a small scale in one market can inspire a global shift. By integrating our years of experience and deep understanding of consumer needs, we can strengthen our relationships and connect deeper with the markets our customers serve.

Sharing insights and resources better serves our customers; you can look at this through a few different lenses. For example, a company that wants to expand its grab-and-go snack options might not realize the potential of pouch technology. A brand that wants to target a more diverse clientele might see value in offering its product in various packaging formats, from small, 50 mL sizes to industrial, 1,300 L applications.

Sometimes, you don’t know what’s possible until more options are available. With Scholle IPN and SIG together, we can provide a widely diverse line of packaging solutions that allow customers to expand their market base and consider new and exciting avenues of growth.

Our Values Make Us Better Together

Scholle IPN + SIG

On the surface, Scholle IPN and SIG working together unlocks the incredible potential to serve our customers better. That’s simple enough to understand: we have a more comprehensive range of packaging solutions, we’re better able to serve new markets, and we can help brands explore previously unavailable formats.

But what excites us about this partnership goes beyond the surface level. We are deeply dedicated to sustainability, innovation, and finding the best solutions for our clients. Our differences help diversify our offerings and make us the best option for your packaging needs, but our similarities will fuel future success. With a keen eye on environmental responsibility and the future of responsible packaging, now more than ever, we’re equipped to tackle any packaging need.

In the meantime, check out SIG’s website and learn more about their longstanding tradition of innovation within the carton sector. We hope you feel as excited about this merger as we do—and stay tuned. Big things are happening soon, but if you’re ready now to explore bag-in-box and pouch options, we’re here to help!