Simply Flexible

The Scholle IPN Difference

At Scholle IPN, our packaging is just that – Simply Flexible. Our easy-to-use, ergonomic packaging facilitates reduced stress throughout the entire supply chain. We strive to be easy to work with and able to tailor solutions to fit your unique needs. We constantly challenge ourselves to find a better, simpler way for you and in our own daily work.

Why Choose Scholle IPN

What we do.

  • We engineer barrier films, ergonomic fitments, and state-of-the-art filling equipment to create a total packaging solution to empower you with success.

Specialized. Diversified.

  • We participate in markets around the globe in food, beverage, and non-food applications for retail, institutional, and industrial packaging applications.

Passionate. Entrepreneurial.


  • For over six decades, we’ve led the flexible packaging industry with market-changing innovations; bag-in-box, aseptic bulk packaging, and unique dispensing connectors just to name a few.

We can’t wait to work with you!

  • Whether you’re looking for a fully-formed, ready-to-fill package, or films and fitments to support your form-fill-seal lines, we have solutions designed to fit your specifications.


Our Products


  • We extrude, laminate, and print flexible, barrier films designed to meet your rigorous product specifications.
  • We have one-to nine-layer barrier films, as well as recyclable, mono-material structures.


  • We injection mold and assemble fitments designed to provide an ergonomic interaction with your product for all ages and abilities.
  • Our taps, connectors, caps are designed to suit your needs –whether that’s on a retail shelf, a fast-paced restaurant operation, or industrial use.


  • We design and manufacture equipment for both pre-made and form-fill-seal style bag-in-box and pouch filling. Whether you operate a startup, or a full-scale, automated operation, we have a solution for you.
  • Our filling equipment offers great flexibility in process compatibility from ambient, to ultra-clean, to aseptic.

Your Total Packaging Solution

Our mission is simple; to help the world’s leading brands deliver their products in the best way possible. We do this by combining films, fitments, and equipment to help you go-to-market simply and quickly with a total packaging solution tailored to your specific needs.

Total Flexible Packaging Solutions

With a strong history of success over the past seven decades, you can count on us to help you deliver your products where they need to go, while empowering you on your journey through the circular economy.

With Scholle IPN, you have peace of mind that your products are delivered as you intend with our film, fitments, and equipment for a total packaging solution.

Pre-made packaging is a great solution for companies who want to rely on Scholle IPN’s manufacturing quality and assurance. We stand by each and every one of the millions of packages we produce every year and are ready to support you with packaging applications engineers and equipment field service engineers 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

1. Pre-made bag-in-box or spouted pouches. Pre-made pouches or bag-in-box packaging arrive at your facility in bulk cartons, bins, or on rails. A benefit of flexible packaging is that  you can store many unfilled packages in a small amount of space.

2. Filling equipment. The filling equipment works at high speed; filling, then capping the fitments. Pre-made, flexible packaging, paired with highly-efficient filling equipment, allows product to run with minimal input from operators on your manufacturing floor.

3. Filled packaging ready to ship. Your filled and sealed packages are now ready to be boxed and shipped off to your customer!


If a pre-made packaging solution doesn’t fit your needs, you can count on us to supply your form-seal-fill operations with (printed) barrier films and fitments to complete your flexible package. Utilizing an FFS model allows you fill the spouted pouch or bag-in-box package through the spout, maintaining maximum control over quality, production timing, speed, and logistics. And, since production takes place within your facility (all within a single piece of equipment) your total cost of ownership will be extremely low.

1. Flexible packaging components. Barrier film and user-friendly fitments arrive at your facility. Since the packaging is not yet created, you can store thousands of unfinished packages in a small space within your production facility.

2. Packaging formed, filled, and sealed. Your film is loaded onto the equipment and sent through the forming process; making the pouch or bag-in-box package. As the package moves along the line it is filled through the open top. The fitment is then combined with the packaged and sealed.

3. Filled packaging ready to ship. Your filled and sealed packages are now ready to be boxed and shipped off to your customer!

We’re With You From Idea to Execution

Solving big problems in unique ways is in our DNA. We do our best when we think holistically and come to market with a range of solutions that keep our environment in mind while making our customers’ lives easier.

Much like the packaging we manufacture, we are flexible in our ability to develop your ideal solution. Together, our technical sales team, packaging applications engineers, research and development team, and equipment engineers work to design a total packaging solution specifically suited to your product.

Packaging Applications Engineers

  • Conduct applications assessments and develop tailored packaging specifications to best protect and deliver your product.
  • Manage package validation process and protocols.
  • Troubleshoot quality issues and production opportunities in your facility.

Equipment Engineers

  • Design and build bag-in-box and pouch equipment to meet your unique packaging needs.
  • Perform factory acceptance testing and site acceptance testing and in-depth training for your production staff.
  • Field service maintenance available within hours of reported issues.

Research & Development

  • Work with you and your end-users to develop ideal film and fitment solutions.
  • In-house materials labs available for quality and interface testing so that you can be sure your product and our package solution works from day one.
  • Ongoing, dedicated support and analysis for any issue that may arise.

Technical Sales

  • Highly-trained sales team ready to work with you to determine the best package solution tailored for your product’s needs.
  • Coordinate customer interface with our Packaging Applications Engineers, Materials Lab, R&D Engineers, and Equipment Engineers to simplify your day.

Our Sustainability Story

For Scholle IPN, sustainability is a journey, not an end. We cooperate throughout value chains in multiple markets to provide environmentally-conscious solutions for stakeholders. Our aim is to remain competitive while utilizing internal and external resources to make a positive impact for our employees, our communities, and the Earth. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Serving World-Class Brands

Scholle IPN Customer Logos

Our history is one of breakthrough packaging successes, replacing rigid alternatives and creating new markets for bag-in-box and pouch packaging along the way. We help brands add: consumer convenience; new methods of serving and dispensing products; product safety enhancements; and time and economic savings. Each year, we safely and reliably deliver over four billion servings of food and beverages around the world.

Our Core Values


TeamworkWe value teamwork and give employees freedom to try things out, ask questions, and learn. It’s simple, we do our best when we work together.

How We Live It Out
Scholle IPN is a collaborative and supportive work environment. We value teamwork and give new employees freedom to try things out, ask questions, and get acclimated. New employees often say they feel a lot of support from all parts of our company—from their own departments, to people in other departments, to people working in our facilities or on the manufacturing floor.

One way we nurture this sense of teamwork is through our “Mini Business” program, which is part of how we utilize tools from the LEAN manufacturing program. Employees are put into teams, or “mini businesses” with people from other departments, and part of the process involves training on conflict management, problem solving, and effective communication. Not only do they work together to find a problem’s root cause and solve it, but they learn important people skills such as solving conflict, communicating effectively, how to manage a project, etc.


AccontabilityWe’re not interested in big egos. We know that innovating can be a challenging business, but we don’t mind. Learning from mistakes is a part of life and our lessons are shared and used to improve our Company and customers’ products.

How We Live It Out
We strive to deliver on our responsibilities, not to get caught up in blame and politics. Scholle IPN looks for individuals who are good at what they do, and able to utilize their skills to benefit themselves, their team, and the Company.

Customer Focus

Customer FocusEach day we come to work with enthusiasm and energy to discover exciting new opportunities for our customers. We understand our customers and their markets and remain an integral partner for their growth.

How We Live It Out
One example of Scholle IPN’s commitment to meeting customer needs is our team of Packaging Applications Engineers, which is a unique role in our industry. These are engineer-level educated and trained individuals who act as technical experts for our customers, helping work out how their products interact with our packaging, and finding new solutions for their needs. This team works between our sales and operations teams and our customers, helping run trials and making sure customers’ technical and product requirements are fully met. Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction means we provide this extra layer of support for them that our competitors can’t.

Ethics & Integrity

Ethics & IntegrityWe are open, honest, and respectful with our customers and each other.

How We Live It Out
Scholle IPN maintains an open door policy all the way up to the CEO. Everyone is free to approach the executive team and senior management with their ideas and concerns. That’s not usually offered at other companies of our size. But here at Scholle IPN, we offer plenty of opportunities for all our employees to get that kind of visibility. “Big heads” aren’t getting in the way. We welcome ideas and collaboration at every level.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Continuous ImprovementEvery day and in all ways. We look to improve and make things better—for our processes, customers, employees, the Earth, and the communities where we operate.

How We Live It Out
At Scholle IPN, we utilize the problem solving tools of LEAN manufacturing, which focuses on making processes more efficient, and reducing any form of waste, whether physical waste such as scrap or time wasted on the manufacturing floor. Continuous improvement and innovation is part of the LEAN manufacturing program, but it isn’t just a manufacturing floor concept. Other departments have the opportunity to learn and implement these tools in their own departments as well. At Scholle IPN, the concept that permeates beyond the production floor, into sales, HR, finance, and all our other corporate functions. We’re always looking to improve and make things better—for our processes, customers, incoming employees, and the communities where we operate.

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