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Scholle IPN is a global packaging company, manufacturing flexible packaging materials for a variety of industries. You may not have heard of us, but we guarantee you’ve interacted with our products, which are used around the world in dispensing everything from soda, smoothies, and coffee, to motor oil, cleaning chemicals, and insecticides used in industrial farming. We engineer flexible packaging solutions that are reduce waste and prolong shelf life for many different markets. Our products are made around the globe—not so we can produce cheaper elsewhere, but to effectively serve and produce right in the markets where we operate. Browse open positions!

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Scholle IPN and SIG have joined forces, resulting in a great cultural fit of colleagues who all together believe in more. With our combined business, we are uniting diverse talents and enhancing career opportunities globally.

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Scholle IPN & SIG

Scholle IPN and SIG: A Great Cultural Fit

Scholle IPN and SIG have joined forces, resulting in a great cultural fit of colleagues who all together believe in more. With our combined business, we are uniting diverse talents and enhancing career opportunities globally.

Stability and Opportunity to Grow

Scholle IPN has over 60 years’ experience developing successful, quality solutions and products. We’re a strong company with a family-oriented environment, meaning we support camaraderie among our employees, but also respect their efforts to support the families they belong to while outside our walls. Our business goals are bold, but not to the detriment of our employees. We seek to ensure long-term, sustainable growth, increasing our flexible packaging capabilities while building and adding value to our business.

At Scholle IPN, your career has room to grow as well. We’re committed to professional development at all levels. We value your expertise, and seek to utilize your skills and help you gain new ones. When relevant to your role, we help subsidize training and certification, including partial tuition reimbursement for those employed 6 months or more. Whether you hope to work your way up to a leadership position, move to another department, or relocate to one of our 19 locations in 13 countries, we aim to offer you not just a job, but a career. For questions or resume submissions, please email careers@scholleipn.com.

Our Core Values


TeamworkHonest and dependable team player; Contributes to group collaboration and consensual decision-making; Shows empathy and respect for others; Builds and maintains good working relationships.

How We Live It Out
Scholle IPN is a collaborative and supportive work environment. We value teamwork and give new employees freedom to try things out, ask questions, and get acclimated. New employees often say they feel a lot of support from all parts of our company—from their own departments, to people in other departments, to people working in our facilities or on the manufacturing floor.

One way we nurture this sense of teamwork is through our “Mini Business” program, which is part of how we utilize tools from the LEAN manufacturing program. Employees are put into teams, or “mini businesses” with people from other departments, and part of the process involves training on conflict management, problem solving, and effective communication. Not only do they work together to find a problem’s root cause and solve it, but they learn important people skills such as solving conflict, communicating effectively, how to manage a project, etc.


AccountabilityTakes accountability for delivering on commitments; Owns mistakes and uses them as opportunities for learning and development; Openly discusses their own actions and consequences, both good and bad.

How We Live It Out
At Scholle IPN, we’re not interested in big egos. We know that innovating can be a challenging business, but we don’t mind. Learning from mistakes is a part of life and our lessons are shared and used to improve our Company and customers’ products. We strive to deliver on our responsibilities, not to get caught up in blame and politics. Scholle IPN looks for individuals who are good at what they do, and able to utilize their skills to benefit themselves, their team, and the Company.

Customer Focus

Customer FocusBuilds strong knowledge of products and services and helps customers enthusiastically; Communicates well with customers, following up as necessary; Always professional and represents the organization positively.

How We Live It Out
One example of Scholle IPN’s commitment to meeting customer needs is our team of Packaging Applications Engineers, which is a unique role in our industry. These are engineer-level educated and trained individuals who act as technical experts for our customers, helping work out how their products interact with our packaging, and finding new solutions for their needs. This team works between our sales and operations teams and our customers, helping run trials and making sure customers’ technical and product requirements are fully met. Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction means we provide this extra layer of support for them that our competitors can’t.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and IntegrityOpen, honest, and respectful in their mutual communications and decision making with employees, customers, and other stakeholders; Not self-promoting but acting for the best interest of the whole company.

How We Live It Out
Scholle IPN maintains an open door policy all the way up to the CEO. Everyone is free to approach the executive team and senior management with their ideas and concerns. That’s not usually offered at other companies of our size. But here at Scholle IPN, we offer plenty of opportunities for all our employees to get that kind of visibility. “Big heads” aren’t getting in the way. We welcome ideas and collaboration at every level.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Continuous Improvement and InnovationUtilizes both formal and informal tools and techniques to achieve excellence; Maintains a constant focus on efforts to innovate for improved performance, quality and efficiency of work processes.

How We Live It Out
At Scholle IPN, we utilize the problem solving tools of LEAN manufacturing, which focuses on making processes more efficient, and reducing any form of waste, whether physical waste such as scrap or time wasted on the manufacturing floor. Continuous improvement and innovation is part of the LEAN manufacturing program, but it isn’t just a manufacturing floor concept. Other departments have the opportunity to learn and implement these tools in their own departments as well. At Scholle IPN, the concept that permeates beyond the production floor, into sales, HR, finance, and all our other corporate functions. We’re always looking to improve and make things better—for our processes, customers, incoming employees, and the communities where we operate.

Sustainability as a Company Value

People often tell us they are drawn to our company because of our commitment to sustainability. When you work at Scholle IPN, rest assured that you’re part of a company striving for sustainability, not only in our impact on the environment, but also in our contribution to the communities in which we manufacture. Throughout the year, all sites sponsor events designed to give back and get involved with the communities where they’re located. Our employees have many opportunities to volunteer at company sponsored charity events, fundraisers, clean-up efforts and more. Learn more about our sustainability vision in action.

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