Filling equipment solutions

For over 60 years, SIG has engineered, built, and serviced a wide range of forming and filling equipment for bag-in-box and spouted pouch packaging. From manual fillers for start-ups to fully automatic, aseptic-capable bag-in-box and spouted pouch HFFS systems, we have what you need to provide a diverse range of products in environmentally-conscious flexible packaging.

Our approach to equipment

Designed for efficiency

We design and manufacture equipment for both pre-made and form-fill-seal style bag-inbox and pouch filling. Whether you operate a startup, or a full-scale, automated operation, we have a solution for you. Our filling equipment offers great flexibility in process compatibility from ambient, to ultraclean, to aseptic.


SIG equipment solutions for bag-in-box and spouted pouches

Our combined experience and capabilities provide you with significant value from design to installation to field service support. Combine our equipment solutions with our film and fitments and you will find a true total packaging solutions partner.

The Scholle IPN and Bossar Difference

Scholle IPN Bossar Equipment Brochure

SIG equipment product line catalogue

Now you can download our entire bag-in-box and spouted pouch equipment product line catalogue. This 84-page book covers our capabilities in development (and production of) leading equipment technology.


Filling options

Hot Fill


Hot-fill processing fills heated, commercially sterile product in non-sterile packaging. The product is held for a predetermined time and temperature to sterilize the packaging prior to the filling process. The longer hold time at high temperatures reduces quality of the product. Only high-acid products can be hot-filled and held at ambient temperatures without refrigeration.

Clean fill

The Clean fill method, also known as ambient, occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment. With Clean fill packaging, products can be shelf stable, refrigerated, or frozen.


Ultra-clean (ESL) levels are achieved in packaging by means of laminar flow, UV lamps, and/or hydrogen peroxide. This is essentially to achieve high sterility levels for short shelf-life products. These applications are required to fill fruit juice, compote, yogurt and dairy products intended for cold-chain distribution.


Aseptic processing and packaging is the filling of commercially-sterilized products into pre-sterilized containers. Commercially sterile, cooled product is processed separately from the packaging. Incoming packaging is sterilized independently from the product. Packaging is filled and hermetically sealed with a pre-sterilized closure in an atmosphere free of microorganisms.

HFFS equipment solutions

SIG has the widest range of horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machines in the market. Our machines cover all the applications and are customized to be adapted to our customers’ needs.

Besides the traditional mechanical machines, we have the BMS series, the only complete full-servo series in the market. The design is based on the modular frame construction, composed of three independent modules: unwinder, pouch forming, and dosing-sealing.

These modules are available in several versions according to the product to be filled. This way we always offer our customers the machines that better suit their requirements.

HFFS - How It Works

Bossar BMS 4.2


The BMS produces pouches with excellent seals, actually used for the production of pre-made pouches. Moreover, these machines produce pouches with a huge number of designs and shapes for a better product differentiation on the shelf.

Bossar BCS


Unique pouch handling system consisting of grippers which hold them throughout the process. The grippers can be adjusted to a new format size in a matter of minutes by means of the HMI touch screen.

Bossar BHS


Engineered for flat sachet operation, focusing mostly on pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets. The internal drives and servo motors are completely isolated from the outside, thus avoiding contact with any type of product.

Bossar BMK 2000


Modular mechanical HFFS machines. All the models of our BMK range have standardized groups and increased machine features so that they can be adapted for any kind of filling system or fitment.

Bossar Basic B1400


Basic and versatile. The intermittent HFFS machines from the Basic series are extremely versatile and capable of manufacturing a wide range of format sizes.

SIG hybrid equipment

The Hybrid manufacturing model for packaging separates forming and sealing from the filling step. This allows manufacturers to combine the efficiency of pouch and bag making on-site with the filling accuracy and versatility of a pre-made package.

Filling through the spout provides many benefits:

  • Continuous motion filling = longer filling time. No splash. Better products.
  • No head space required, the pouch is fully filled up to the top.
  • Advantage for hot-fill processes: no film shrinking during filling.

Hybrid - How It Works

Bossar BMS 2.4


Highest quality pouches produced with increased speed, and improved quality without compromising on efficiency.

Bossar BCF


The BCF is engineered in a simplified design with a linear module to fill premade, spouted pouches for the food industry. The BCF is equipped with a stainless steel, low maintenance and self-lubricated chain, which moves the pouches through the stations in a continuous motion.

Bossar FSF


FSF technology combines a high-performance, reliable machine with a range of film and fitment options to create a flexible sealing and filling system for bag-in-box packaging.

Pre-made packaging equipment

With the pre-made equipment solution, we supply the pouches on rails or webbed bag-in-box packages. This enables you to easily fill your product on our machines. Continuous motion filling through pouch spouts enables for longer filling time. In fact, the filling time can reach up to 1.5 seconds.

The pre-made packaging equipment solution provides you with many benefits, including:

  • Improving filling accuracy and reducing splashing of the product, thus improving its texture.
  • Spouted pouches, bags, and fitments are manufactured in clean environments.
  • We choose to use automated equipment and processes to ensure our products are delivered to the filler intact and safe for use.

Pre-Made - How It Works

Scholle IPN SureFill 52

SureFill® 52P - Aseptic

This machine is a pilot-scale, semi-automatic spouted pouch filler, used by customers to test and commercialize new products. It is suited for pilot facilities, R&D labs, and start-up and trial production as it was designed with a very compact footprint, utilizing the latest aseptic filling technologies. Once packaged, aseptically-processed goods can be distributed through ambient supply chains, without reliance on coldchain logistics.

Scholle IPN SureFill 100P - Aseptic

SureFill® 100P - Aseptic

This compact machine features an aseptic-capable rotary filler and is designed for high OEE production of pre-made spouted pouches. Once packaged, aseptically-processed goods can be distributed through ambient supply chains, without reliance on cold-chain logistics.

Scholle IPN SureFill 12

SureFill® 12

This single-lane, automatic web filling machine is optimized to fill bag-in-box packaging at a high rate of speed. Option modules for nitrogen purge, modified atmosphere, and HEPA-filtering are available for more sensitive products.

Scholle IPN SureFill 42 - Aseptic

SureFill® 42 - Aseptic

This machine features advanced bag-in-box aseptic technologies that allow for filling of single-fitment bags both with—and without—a hose. Once packaged, aseptically-processed goods can be distributed through ambient supply chains, without reliance on cold-chain logistics.

Scholle IPN SureFill 44

SureFill® 44

This machine features advanced technologies that allow for dual-lane filling and packing. The twin fill heads, which run separate bag webs, quickly and accurately deliver liquid to the packaging in bulk-sized bag-in-box formats.

Seal technology for packaging

We have pioneered a revolutionary sealing technology which will empower our customers to choose for sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions. Regardless of this, we are glad to offer the more traditional sealing methods, such as ultrasonic and heat sealing.

Heat Seal icon

Heat seal

Based on electric resistance. Reliable and low-cost. Simple engineering. Cooling step is needed. Multiple steps are needed to guarantee sealing quality, increasing the total machine footprint.

Ultrasonic Seal icon

Ultrasonic seal

Using high-frequency vibrations, it seals the packaging due to molecular vibration within the film. Hermetic seals regardless of seal area contamination. Significant reduction in packaging material consumption due to: Smaller sealing area. Reduced head space in the pouch. High reproducibility process. Quicker sealing times. Mechanical cutting and sealing in the same step.

Induction Seal icon

Induction seal

Novel sealing system based on heat-generation by electro-magnetic field. Heat and Cooling in one single step: Less stress to the film. Sealing jaws remain closed until film is cold. Continuous motion sealing process. Adjustable to any film structure. Sealing time reduced by 1/3 of the time compared with heat sealing. Designed for circular economy packaging.

Our R&D approach

We strive to be the best total packaging solutions supplier, from development to production to service. We apply a scientific approach to all of our R&D processes which helps us identify opportunities, in combination with our in-house capabilities, to offer innovative packaging solutions.

Through leading-edge computer modeling and analysis, we conduct simulations to anticipate outcomes, minimizing the chance of production delays and errors in our packaging equipment.

FEA Modeling


Analyzes material behavior under various conditions. This enables us to analyze and predict performance, potential deformations, and heat transfer fluctuations during sealing operations.

CFD Modeling


Advanced computational fluid dynamics analysis is used to study air flow and fluid movement within flexible packaging, highlighting potential areas for improvement or confirming performance results.

Electromagnetic Modeling

Electromagnetic modeling

Computational electromagnetic field analysis helps us understand field behavior in order to improve design and manufacture of equipment parts.

Machine sterility

Product and packaging sterility are essential. We deliver quality products and services backed by extensive experience with decontamination of packaging equipment.

We install in-line sterilization equipment in our machines to maintain appropriate levels of sterility:

  • Patented Vapor Sterilant Technology™ (VST) utilizes vaporized peroxide to sterilize aseptically-filled bags and pouches.
  • In Ultra-clean fillers, UV is used to disinfect the film and then vapor hydrogen peroxide sterilizes the fitment before filling.
  • During the filling process, our equipment continues to keep your package clean and sterile.
  • Our fitments are designed for hermetic seals, so after filling, the product will not be exposed until opened.