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Bossar BMS 4.2

This horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machine works in duplex and quadruplex, forming and filling up to 240 pouches per minute.

  • Full servo motion allows independent operation between stations
  • Walking beam transport system offers precision from forming to sealing
  • Mirroring capabilities to increase operational ease

Product Specifications

Key Features

The Bossar BMS 4.2 uses state-of-the-art technology and is servo-controlled. The multiple-axis movements are independently controlled by a transmission system patented by Bossar. This machine is intelligent, reliable, easy to operate, and requires little maintenance. It offers:

  • Better accessibility for easier maintenance.
  • A 3D touchscreen.
  • Pouch width automatic correction system.
  • An instruction manual, as well as electronic and pneumatic diagrams, available on the touchscreen.
  • Up to 10% productivity increase over typical mechanical HFFS machines.
  • Less maintenance due to the fact that there are less wearing parts.
  • Pouch seal quality comparable to pre-made pouches.
  • Sanitary construction.
  • Energy efficiency with excess power being sent back to the grid.
  • The latest technology with optical fibers, optical barriers, position sensors, vision cameras, and more.

The Bossar BMS 4.2 offers a number of shapes, styles, and designs for increased product differentiation on the rank. This machine works well with our barrier films and highly-engineered fitments.

Zippers and spouts can be inserted for product preservation and ease-of-use.

Known Process Applications


Fills heated, commercially-sterile product in non-sterile packaging. Can reduce product taste and texture.

Clean Fill (Ambient)

Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Ultra-Clean (ESL)

Uses UV, laminar flow, and/or hydrogen peroxide to achieve high sterility levels for short shelf-life products.

Sealing Options

Heat Seal

Reliable and low cost. Multiple steps needed to guarantee quality


Reduces consumption with less heat and material. Faster sealing times

Induction Seal

Heats and cools in a single, continuous step. Very fast and high quality with less waste

Filling Method

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal

Common Package Sizes

80mm x 120mm to 210mm x 300mm (3.1in x 4.7in to 8.3in x 11.8in)
200mL to 1600 milliliters (6.7 fl oz to 54.1 fl oz)


Clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) machine cycles are applicable. CIP cycle controlled by filler programming, typically with valve to complete CIP circuit. Both are customer-dependent processes and can be initiated from the CIP screen. Our expert equipment field service technicians can support and maintain this filler for your continued success.

Pouch Size and Speed

Pouch StyleFormat Range (mm) WxHMaximum VolumeFilling Speed
MinimumGussetMaximumGusset(c.c.)(Pouches per minute)
FLT-2120 x 120n/a210 x 300n/a1150130
FLT-480 x 120n/a100 x 300n/a350240
STU-2120 x 12040210 x 300501600130
STU-480 x 12025100 x 30032475240

Equipment Specifications

Transport SystemServo-motorized grippers
Reel Diameter600mm (23.6in)
Reel Width600mm (23.6in)
Reel Core70mm to 76 mm (2.8in to 3in)
Filling stationsUp to 3
Electrical Consumption20 kW
Air Consumption800L/min (211.3gal/min)
Electrical Data200-480V / 50-60 Hz / N + G / 3Ph (others under request)
PLCALLEN BRADLEY / SIEMENS (others under request)
Noise Level<70 dB
SafetyCE & UL Standards


Check out the Bossar BMS 4.2 in action!

The BMS 4.2 is an integral part of the Danonino pouch operation. If offers flexibility in shapes, products, and flavors.

Bossar offers a wide range of top-of-the-line horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machines. Over the years, they have gained an excellent reputation for being an innovation driven company, introducing technological advances in the market, which have set new standards in HFFS manufacturing. Learn more at www.bossar.com.

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