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SIG Prime 240

The SIG Prime 240 is a filler designed for pre-made pouches, flat or stand-up, with a center spout. Featuring a simple operation based on motion filling, it offers a small footprint with high efficiency.

  • Designed for pre-made pouches
  • Works with a wide range of fitments
  • Fills up to 240 pouches per minute

Product Specifications

Key Features

  • Ideal for filling through the spout for liquid products.
  • Advantages of filling through the spout:
    • Higher filling level in the pouch, resulting in reduced head space.
    • Less chance of splashing with low-viscosity liquids.
    • Possibility for effective nitrogen flushing.
  • Small footprint and high efficiency.
  • Food contact area: hygienic area designed for food products applications.
  • Continuous-motion filling enables a longer filling time. The linear and continuous
    motion of the filling nozzles enables the filling time to reach up to 1.5 seconds. 3x longer compared to other machines. Improving filling accuracy and reducing
    splashing of the product.
  • Ability to work with four different caps at the same time.

Known Process Applications


Fills heated, commercially-sterile product in non-sterile packaging. Can reduce product taste and texture.


Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Ultra-Clean (ESL)

Uses UV, laminar flow, and/or hydrogen peroxide to achieve high sterility levels for short shelf-life products.


Fills commercially-sterilized products into pre-sterilized packaging. Products can be held unopened without refrigeration.

Sealing Options

Heat Seal

Reliable and low cost. Multiple steps needed to guarantee quality


Reduces consumption with less heat and material. Faster sealing times

Induction Seal

Heats and cools in a single, continuous step. Very fast and high quality with less waste

Filling Method

Through Spout

Common Package Sizes

up to 500mL (16.9 fl oz)
Bossar BCF

Pouch Size and Speed

Pouch Style Format Range (mm) WxH Maximum Volume Filling Speed
Minimum Gusset Maximum Gusset (c.c.) (Pouches per minute)
BCF 500 up to 240


4000mm x 8900mm x 4500mm (157.5in x 350.4in x 177.2in)