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Opti-Serve Bag-in-Box Package

Provide a consistent, simple experience to your customers with this self-closing toggle valve.

  • Self-closing toggle valve
  • Ideal for gravity dispensing

Product Specifications

Key Features

Provide a consistent, simple experience to your customers. The Scholle IPN Opti-Serve® is a self-closing toggle valve for gravity dispensing of non-particulate liquid products like wine. It allows you to provide a consistent, simple, intuitive dispensing experience to your customers. The Opti-Serve is ideal for ambient-processed products.

Scholle IPN Sustainability in Flexible Packaging iconThe Opti-Serve is engineered for the circular economy due to:

  • a lightweight design
  • a material structure that eases recyclability

Known Process Applications

Clean Fill (Ambient)

Uses cold temperatures to kill bacteria. Must be kept cold throughout life of product.

Filling Method

Through Spout

Common Package Sizes

1 liter to 22 liters (.26 gallons to 5.8 gallons)

Typical Markets

Scholle IPN Opti-Serve Bag-In-Box Fitment
Scholle IPN Opti-Serve Bag-in-Box fitment
Scholle IPN Opti-Serve Bag-in-Box Package
Scholle IPN OptiServe Bag-in-Box Package
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