RecShield is a recyclable, transparent film for hot-filled or aseptically-sterilized product in spouted pouches.

  • Recyclable barrier film for spouted pouches
  • Aseptic-capable
  • Provides product transparency

Product Specifications

Process Compatability

ESL Hot-Fill Low-Acid Aseptic High-Acid Aseptic Ambient


4.4 mils

Roll Width

RecShield is available in roll widths of up to 147 cm or 58 in.


Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR)

Coex or Laminate


Key Features

There is a movement in the spouted pouch market away from aluminum foil-based laminates to transparent laminates, and then ultimately to a transparent and recyclable option. We are happy to announce that Scholle IPN has a solution for transparency and recyclability through the introduction of our RecShield™ film for spouted pouches.

Pouches made from RecShield deliver the product protection and long shelf life required for applications such as applesauce, but they can also be recycled along with other polyethylene films.

RecShield’s transparency allows brands to design labels around the tantalizing colors of aseptically-sterilized or hot-filled products. Through the utilization of RecShield, pouch products do not have to compromise on barrier protection to provide an environmentally-conscious alternative for packaging.

  • Excellent barrier properties.
  • Transparent film for hot-filled or aseptically-sterilized products.
  • Recyclable with other polyethylene films.

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