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Burnbrae Farms Chooses Scholle IPN Bag-in-Box for Liquid Egg

Liquid Egg packagingBurnbrae Farms operates in various locations across Canada. The Company has been a leading producer of eggs for over 50 years and is dedicated to quality, health, and innovation.

From the Burnbrae Farms website: Burnbrae Farms sells eggs and egg products to major grocery store chains, foodservice operations, and large bakery/industrial customers throughout Canada.  Learn more about Burnbrae Farms here.

Liquid eggs have long been an institutional kitchen staple. Quickly dispensing a variety of egg products for use in baking, desserts, and many breakfast foods is key to a diverse and quality menu for restaurants.

The convenience of the bulk bag-in-box packaging format for pour-out of liquid egg for industrial food manufacturers and kitchens is key to delivering an economic product to consumers.

Liquid eggBurnbrae chose Scholle IPN’s 6300 Cap bag-in-box for their liquid egg packaging to ensure the safest most reliable delivery to the consumer.  The 6300 Cap bag-in-box offers the following:

  • 1-22 Liter Sizes
  • Tamper Evident
  • Process capability for Fresh, Hot-Fill, ESL, and High-Acid Aseptic