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Keeping It Fresh with KanPak

About KanPak

KanPak logoKanPak is a leader in aseptic packaging for beverages and desserts. Originally starting as a dairy company in 1965, they provide safe packaging solutions for retail, convenience, and food service channels. Items packaged by KanPak require neither preservatives nor refrigeration, which eliminates the need for cold storage during distribution while still keeping products fresh for up to a year. With over half a century of experience, KanPak works with its clients to find custom storage and dispensing solutions tailored to their particular needs.

Tim Hortons logoTim Hortons, a Canandian chain of coffee shops with over 4,000 locations, asked KanPak to design a packaging solution for their blended frozen coffee beverages. Together, we helped configure a total packaging solution specifically tailored to their needs.

Partners for Success

Scholle IPN has worked closely with KanPak for years. KanPak specializes in aseptic solutions for dairy and beverage applications, and with our packaging, they have the necessary tools to develop a packaging solution for Tim Hortons’ frozen coffee beverages.

Scholle IPN DuraShield 34 Film for Bag-in-BoxTo do this safely and successfully, Scholle IPN developed the DuraShield, a three-layer, high-barrier laminate that is durable and can withstand whatever the supply chain throws its way. Film is a vital part of a total packaging solution, and we have been at the forefront of film technology for the last 50 years. Our films ensure the integrity of the product inside—our barrier films protect your products from degradation due to oxygen and other outside elements while being flexible enough to pack efficiently during distribution.

What each Tim Hortons receives when they get their iced beverage packages are coffee concentrates. An employee cuts open the package and mixes it with water and then places it in a specially designed dispenser. Eliminating excess water in their mixes saves on shipping and distribution, but these bags need to be resilient—which is exactly what we can offer at Scholle IPN.

Better for You. Better for the Environment.

Scholle IPN’s films provided KanPak a way to design a low-impact storage solution for Tim Hortons that exceeded expectations. Not only are the bags for their blended coffee beverages built to withstand transport without cold storage, KanPak was also able to demonstrate a significant environmental gain in reducing the amount of materials needed to make these bags. By working together, Scholle IPN and KanPak were able to help Tim Hortons:

  • Cut cold storage out of their distribution chain for their blended coffee beverages with aseptic packaging technology
  • Save on distribution costs because refrigeration is no longer necessary and our bags use up to 40% less space than rigid packaging
  • Use less materials for packaging, diverting waste from landfills

A small change—like switching out a type of bag or storage container—can make a huge impact. Learn more about the different films and fitments we’ve designed to help you reduce your environmental impact.