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Nextbio Keeps Coffee Fresh with Bag-in-Box


NEXTBIO LogoNEXTBIO is a biotech company leading the industry in natural extraction. They’ve developed patented technology that makes extracts of cold brew coffee and tea—both of which can deteriorate in quality when they’re exposed to oxygen. Like Scholle IPN, NEXTBIO is committed to sustainability, and they balance their commitment to advancing technology with providing a product with minimal environmental impact. They strive to ensure that their coffee and tea extracts taste as fresh  as the first brew.

Partners for Success

Because Nextbio prides itself on the quality of its extracts, the final piece of the puzzle—how to package their coffee extracts—needed to be top notch. “We were introduced to Scholle IPN through BUNN, a dispenser company we’re working with on cold brew packaging,” a spokesperson for NEXTBIO shared. “Thanks to Scholle IPN’s support, we developed a 3L bag-in-box which can be connected to a coffee dispenser.”

Bag-in-Box Coffee

NEXTBIO placed their 3L bag-in-box in retail locations, and noticed that their customers appreciated the new packaging because it could ensure the integrity of their products, but it also made dispensing extracts quick and easy. “Other competitors use canned or bottled packaging. Compared to other conventional packaging, bag-in-box allows us to increase the volume of our products and extend the shelf life after it’s been opened. Our customers, including cafe and restaurant owners, are satisfied with the convenience of the flexible packaging dispensers because this system reduces serving time.”

The moment coffee is brewed, it goes through continuous chemical changes. Oxidation is the most worrisome reaction—it causes coffee to taste stale and rancid over time. That’s why NEXTBIO needed a solution for shipping and storing their coffee extracts in a way that would prevent this process and keep their meticulously prepared coffee extracts fresh. One of the hallmarks of their patented extraction process is that their extracts taste as close to their raw materials as possible. This meant that they needed a solution that would preserve the integrity of their cold brew extract.

It’s always a bonus when the most practical solution, like our industrial bag-in-box with aseptic packaging technology, also ends up being the most cost-efficient: not only was NEXTBIO able to ensure their products were delivered to customers without any loss of quality, but the bag-in-box packaging substantially reduced their packaging costs.

Better for You. Better for the Environment.

It’s rewarding when we get to partner with companies who care about sustainability as much as we do. One of NEXTBIO’s core beliefs is to care for the wellbeing of “nature, people, and the future.” By partnering with us, NEXTBIO, was able to:

  • Ensure the integrity of their extracts from start to finish.
  • Have peace of mind that, once their extracts were in the hands of customers, their packaging would keep products fresh from first sip to last drop.
  • Align with their overarching goals of creating products that are all-natural and good for the globe—no chemicals or mystery preservatives are needed to keep cold brew extracts at their peak with our packaging.

We provide bag-in-box packaging for industrial, institutional, and retail needs—get in touch with us and we’ll find the perfect solution for you!