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Scholle IPN's Versi® Universal Fitment

A Universal Fitment, the Versi Demonstrates Scholle IPN’s Commitment to Innovation and User Experience.

Versi L ConnectorYou never know what you’re going to get when you look behind a restaurant’s soda or juice dispenser. Distributors package their product and send it off to customers, counting on them to have the proper tubing system in place to access what’s inside. But the connection system at a bar or restaurant might not be compatible with the package the drink comes in because the connector on hand might not be able to connect the two together. This could lead to leaks, misused equipment, and wasted product.

With Scholle IPN’s Versi, there’s no need to worry about compatible systems. The Versi is a small fitment that can be universally attached to the end of any line tubing system. “The Versi is universal to all relevant beverage connection systems,” says Kevin Bergenthun, Regional Commercial Director at Scholle IPN. “It’s backward compatible with whatever relevant connection system or connector that’s on the end of line at a restaurant. You don’t have to go into the restaurant when you introduce Versi and change all the connectors on the ends of the line tubing.” A Versi fitment removes any potential barriers to hooking up any bag-in-box to an existing tubing system.

A Solid Connection

When a fitment and the line tubing system doesn’t match, essentially your product is worthless—you can’t dispense anything out of its packaging until you find a matching fitment. “What Versi does is it takes that possibility out of the mix because it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what connector it sees once it gets there,” Bergenthun says. “It just works.”

The Versi is designed to dispense all types of beverages, regardless of their consistency. “Versi allows you not just to dispense beverage concentrates, but more viscous products, like juices with pulp in them, for example,” Bergenthun says, noting that many distributors carry a line of different drinks and products that may vary in viscosity. “Bottlers love this because you can use Versi for multiple applications because you only need one fitment in your inventory.”

Not only does it work with any relevant connection system, the Versi also uses Scholle IPN DipStrip technology to ensure that each bag-in-box a Versi is connected to dispenses 99% of the bag’s contents. The Versi weighs in at 17.95 grams—7% lighter than competitive fitments. Together, these two factors ensure that the Versi is the fitment of choice for folks who value sustainability and want to cut down on both product and package waste.

Designed for the End User

Scholle IPN Versi Bag-in-Box Package with AttachmentScholle IPN Versi Bag-in-Box Package

Our product designers worked to bridge together innovative ideas and customer needs. “I think a lot of times, connection systems are designed from the designer-forward, and Versi was designed from the customer backwards—from the user, backward,” Bergenthun says. “In the 20+ years of being in the trade and the 28 countries I’ve visited and seen their connection systems, it was very clear that what the world needed was a connection system that made it easier on the people who really matter.”

Who are the people that matter? The folks who change and interact with beverage dispensing equipment everyday. We worked diligently to listen to workers on the floor and figure out what they needed to make their jobs easier. “The voice of our customer is not the CEO of a company—that’s the mistake people make when they design things,” Bergenthun states. “The voice of our customer is a high school student or an employee in the back of the restaurant who has to connect a product to a connection system.”

The Versi is not just an incredibly useful tool, but a triumph in collaboration and design. The Versi demonstrates how we look at problems here at Scholle IPN—we go where our products are utilized, and think critically about the end user. Designing a game-changing tool doesn’t matter if people can’t use it, and the Versi fitment takes all the guesswork out of figuring out how to connect a bag-in-box to a beverage dispensing system. Just screw in the Versi and you’re connected!

The Versi can completely streamline your distribution systems—learn more by getting in touch with us!