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Shell Lubricants Drives Success with Ecobox


Shell Ecobox
Shell Lubricants was striving to satisfy their customer’s need for the most sustainable and ergonomic package for motor oil in the industry. Moreover, Shell also needed to respond to service operators’ call for an easier-to-use, faster and more economical package. Therefore, the packaging format Shell Lubricants was looking for was expected to provide significant versatile advantages over the traditional rigid packaging.


Working together, Shell Lubricants and Scholle IPN developed an eco-conscious bag-in-box solution that provided a wide range of benefits to the motor oil producer, retailer, and consumer compared to the traditional rigid plastic bottles.


The result was the performance packaging solution, Ecobox™ which offers many more benefits than simply holding the product. Ecobox™ is an exceptional opportunity for Shell Lubricant’s customers to expand their specialty oils offerings without the need for bulk storage. Currently Ecobox™ is available for Pennzoil®, Quaker State® and Rotella® products in the US and Canada.


  • Eliminate dangerous and costly surging, foaming, splashing with uniquely engineered box, bag and valve
  • Avoid product loss with 99.9% dispensing efficiency


  • Maximize transportation and storage space utilization with 50% more efficiency
  • Improve speed and ease of use compared to bottles


  • Decrease landfill waste as packaging uses 89% less material compared to the equivalent rigid plastic bottles