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Trinchero Family Estates Shares Bag-in-Box Wine with a Wider Audience

About Trinchero Family Estates and Sutter Home

The Trinchero family moved from New York to California in 1947 to pursue winemaking. You can find many of their wines under the name Sutter Home, which has been a pioneering brand in the wine industry for decades. Before wine was a staple in American homes, Sutter Home introduced people to the flavors of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. They continue to make wine accessible and enjoyable for all, including introducing sweeter wines like White Zinfandel (which is still one of the most popular wines Sutter Home makes and regularly sells out), Moscato, and Sangria to their lineup.

Partners for Success

Sutter Home Boxed WineAlways spearheading new ways to be both innovative and accessible, Trinchero has used bag-in-box for some of their other wine brands, but had never adapted bag-in-box to their most iconic holding: Sutter Home. Sutter Home has been a trailblazer in the wine world, and it was time for Trinchero to bring the recognizable brand to consumers in a new way. They turned to Scholle IPN to help find a solution that’d bring their wine to new audiences.

“Sutter Home’s new 3L wine boxes bring quality to the category—a move that satisfies both existing fans and new consumers alike,” a spokesperson for Trinchero and Sutter Home said. “Those who have historically preferred the bag-in-box format can now enjoy our tried and true wine that consumers have embraced since 1948.”

Our bag-in-box helped Sutter Home reach a new generation of wine enthusiasts while bringing longtime fans a product they recognized—now in a size that was both economical and a format that ensures freshness. The new format is debuting with some of Sutter Home’s most popular wine options: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Grigio.

3L Glass Bottles vs 3L Bag-in-Box SEIC

Trinchero’s use of retail bag-in-box represents a step forward not just for the brand, but for the way wine is consumed. Sutter Home switched from a rigid format to a flexible package that provides customers with more product, while reducing their impact on the environment. In fact, with a 3L bag-in-box, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by up to 88%. Due to this package format, Sutter Home can scale up and provide a better value to their customers without sacrificing the quality or longevity of their wines.

Better for You. Better for the Environment.

Sutter Home has been a staple of the wine industry for decades, and customers expect the brands they love to adapt to new challenges. Trinchero has worked with bag-in-box options for some of their other wines, so adopting the model for Sutter Home tells consumers that the company cares about finding wide-scale solutions that address sustainability concerns in the wine market.

“Sutter Home consumers who are searching for a more convenient and environmentally-friendly package that keeps their wine fresher longer and delivers greater value can turn to this new package,” the spokesperson said. Through our work with Sutter Home, they can now:

  • Provide a higher volume product at a more economical price
  • Introduce sustainable packaging to their consumers and begin normalizing bag-in-box as the environmentally conscious option for purchasing wine
  • Ensure the quality of their wine holds even while scaling up packaging options
  • Bridge the gap between loyal consumers and new customers looking for more from their wine company

Along with retail bag-in-box solutions, we also have creative solutions for folks looking for sustainable packaging across industrial and institutional settings.