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At Scholle IPN, performance and better packaging is our promise. We make your products safe and accessible while minimizing waste and extending shelf life. Our engineering teams apply their expertise and passion for packing to work on your issue to deliver a solution that is 100% right for you. And our service groups makes sure you’re up and running quickly (and stay that way).

  • Vertical integration. We own many of the steps within the manufacturing process (film extrusion, injection molding, equipment engineering, bag- and pouch-making) so that we can ensure safe, quality projects go out the door.
  • Global Material Science Lab. Our problem-solving packaging engineers quickly find solutions to your issues.
  • Field service technicians. We’ll be on site to perform repairs or adjustments, often within 24 hours.

Our Sustainability Goals

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reduce our overall carbon footprint by an additional 15%

Reduce Landfill Waste

Reduce our landfill waste by 50%

Increase Social Responsibility

3-5 community-focused events per location each year


Communicate internally and externally for clear understanding of Scholle IPN’s sustainability program

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