What role did Scholle IPN play in developing aseptic packaging?

Scholle IPN pioneered aseptic flexible packaging in the 1970s.In the 1970’s, Scholle IPN developed the aseptic filling machine which enabled the bag-in-box packaging process. Prior to Scholle IPN, the aseptic process had been limited to cans and was most commonly used for dairy products. Aseptic packaging for bulk bag-in-box allowed processors to provide out-of-season products throughout the year, revolutionizing the storage and transportation of processed fruit and vegetable products.

In recent years, we have seen a shift in consumer demands towards healthy beverage options, resulting in the growth of the aseptic drink category. Scholle IPN’s advancements in filling equipment and bag-in-box technology provide solutions for retail and institutions who wish to offer coffee, dairy, juice, smoothies, and other functional beverages, while retaining nutritional value.

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