The Scholle IPN name is synonymous with bag-in-box packaging. We combine decades of experience with deep industry understanding to bring exceptional value to our global customers, delivering their products to market in exactly the way they were intended.

We undertake the relentless pursuit to deliver our customers’ products in exactly the way they are intended to be experienced.


1100 Spigot Bag-In-Box Package The 1100 cap offers a self closing thumb toggle valve for gravity dispensing of non-particulate products.
1400 Cap Bag-In-Box Package The 1400 cap is a single-position, hand-removable cap designed primarily for use in the dairy and egg industry.
1500 Cap Bag-In-Box Package The 1500 is a single-position cap for use in ambient and aseptic applications for pump-out dispensing.
1700 Cap Bag-In-Box Package Safely fill and store a wide range of aseptic fruit and vegetable products.
1900 Cap Bag-In-Box Package Dispense products safely and economically with this closed-loop option for pump-out dispensers.
2300 Spigot Bag-In-Box Package Provide a consistent, simple experience to your customers with this self-closing thumb toggle valve.
2600 Plug Bag-In-Box Package The 2600 is a two-position fitment combination for use in low-acid aseptic filling applications.
3400 Cap Bag-In-Box Package Quickly load and unload bulk, hot-fill or aseptically-packaged fruits and vegetables.
4100 Cap Bag-In-Box Package The 4100 cap provides a safe, economical, pour-out system for dairy applications.
5100 Cap Bag-In-Box Package Designed to provide tamper-evident, aseptic protection for bulk flexible packaging
600 Cap Bag-In-Box Package The Scholle IPN 600 hose cap is a two-position fitment designed for use with standard gravity dispensing systems.
6300 Cap Bag-In-Box Package The 6300 combination is designed for aseptic, ESL and ambient filling applications.
800 Cap Bag-In-Box Package Simple, reliable aseptic pour-out functionality for industrial applications.
8100 Adapter Bag-In-Box Package Provides a simple interface and maximum protection with a screw cap and secondary tamper-evident plug.
FastFlow Sentry SafeLock Bag-In-Box Package Offer safety and convenience with simple hose or direct-connect functionality.
Flextainer This form-seal-fill bag-in-box filler brings cost savings on P&L lines, increasing innovation and sustainability.
FlexTap Bag-In-Box Package Push-button gravity dispensing with automatic shutoff and flow rate control.
Jerribox Composite packaging for agricultural chemicals that minimizes user risk.
MaxiFlow Bag-In-Box Package The MaxiFlow™ gives your consumers simple, two-position turn tap functionality for easy-on/easy-off gravity dispensing.
Opti-Serve Bag-In-Box Package Provide a consistent, simple experience to your customers with this self-closing toggle valve.

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