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Wet Wipes

Specifically designed for wet wipes.

  • Ideal for sanitizing wipes, baby wipes, and makeup wipes
  • Used in HFFS operations
  • Can be sized to suit your needs

Product Specifications

Known Process Applications


Fills heated, commercially-sterile product in non-sterile packaging. Can reduce product taste and texture.

Clean Fill (Ambient)

Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Ultra-Clean (ESL)

Uses UV, laminar flow, and/or hydrogen peroxide to achieve high sterility levels for short shelf-life products.

Filling Method

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal

Common Package Sizes

45mm x 60mm to 220mm x 300mm (1.8in x 2.4 in to 8.7in x 11.8in)
35mL to 2000mL (1.2 fl oz to 67.6 fl oz)
Wet Wipes Pouch