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Fresh, tasty, simple, and quick: Our flexible packaging preserves and delivers your product’s very best.

Fast, convenient, and safe delivery is as essential to a great smoothie as the fresh ingredients you put in them. Our clean-design, aseptic packaging extends the shelf-life and makes it possible to deliver natural blended ice beverages without preservatives. Consistent, easy dispensing requires no manual blending, and our bulk packaging means more smoothies and less stopping to refill the machine.

Bag-in-box packaging lets you serve smoothies quickly, consistently, and safely for long periods of time

Scholle IPN is committed to partnering with global dispensing equipment manufacturers and quick-serve restaurants to offer bag-in-box solutions that are easy-to-use, clean, reliable, and cost-effective. With our closed-loop dispensing capabilities, restaurants are able to precisely serve safe, natural smoothies to keep up with demand. Our bag-in-box packaging solutions:

  • Extend shelf life of opened product up to 4 weeks.
  • Eliminate need for preservatives with aseptic processing and filling.
  • Eliminate need for costly cold chain logistics.

Scholle IPN’s flexible bag-in-box packaging solutions have improved convenience and efficiency for the foodservice industry. Our partnership with liquid product suppliers and dispensing equipment companies drove us to innovate solutions that allow consistently-produced, fresh smoothies to meet consumers’ growing demand. Benefits of Scholle IPN bag-in-box solutions for food prep professionals include:

  • Faster service with bulk packaging that reduces the number of times they need to replace empty product or clean dispensers.
  • Speed of service increases as the bag and dispenser work together seamlessly.
  • Minimal product waste with up to 99.5% product evacuation.
  • Decreased potential contamination touch points with closed loop dispensing.
  • Improved safety and sanitation with leak-free, re-sealing bag valve and easy-to-clean machine.
  • Need for used container retrieval and cleaning eliminated, reducing waste, freeing up space, and increasing efficiency.

Flexible bag-in-box smoothie packaging is easy to produce with Scholle IPN

Scholle IPN offers all you’ll need for your bag-in-box, from filling equipment to a range of barrier films, fitments and closures for your bag. We offer several kinds of high-quality, automatic, bag-in-box filling equipment like the Scholle IPN SureFill® Series which allows different processing options including Fresh, Extended Shelf Life (ESL), and aseptic processing for both high -acid and low-acid products. When designing our fitments, we work hand-in-hand with dispensing manufacturers to ensure our product works seamlessly in final dispensing applications. Through this focus on partnership, Scholle IPN created the QuickSeal Sentry SafeLock® with features like a self-closing valve, and a single, aseptic, flip-top fitment used for both filling and dispensing of high viscosity, particulate products, like smoothies. Scholle IPN’s line of Sentry SafeLock® fitments provide maximum benefits to processors such as superior primary liquid seal protection and low- and high-acid filling flexibility all within a single-fitment bag that directly connects to the end user’s dispensing equipment. Read more about the partnership behind the development of the Scholle IPN QuickSeal Sentry SafeLock™ and its beneficial results for the smoothie industry.

Offer smoothie products in convenient stand-up pouches

Utilize flexible, stand-up pouch packaging for products like smoothies, protein shakes and yogurt-based drinks. Offer smaller, single-serving sizes or encourage new flavor sampling and trial ability of your products that are also packaged in more traditional formats. Protect your brand’s integrity with the CleanPouch™ System—the safe, convenient, and reliable stand-up pouch packaging solution backed globally by Scholle IPN technology and service. CleanPouch System offers:

  • Lightweight packaging that’s more compact during transport.
  • Sustainability with less emissions in production and less waste in landfills.
  • Continuous manufacturing process from transformation to loading.
  • 100% in-line control of pouch integrity.
  • High automation, reducing chance of human error or contamination.
  • Standard 84mm width pouch.
  • Customizable injection molding capabilities.
  • Clean Room Manufacturing of all pouches and components.

Our premade CleanPouch works seamlessly with Scholle IPN’s CleanPouch Rotary Filler, and is also compatible with current market filling systems. This stand-up pouch is compliant with US and EU legislation, and pouches are supplied on rails that auto-feed into the filling machine.

Fill your stand-up pouches with our CleanPouch Rotary Filler

This fast and reliable filling machine offers you a complete pouch packaging solution with a small footprint, automation ability, and a simple, user-friendly design that’s easy to clean and operate. Plus it’s backed by Scholle IPN’s ongoing engineering and service support. Use this machine to fill our premade spouted stand-up CleanPouch™ at 120/240 pouches per minute at 4-up filling stations.

Top your stand-up pouch packaging with our customizable spout and cap components

Check out our line of easy-to-open spouts and caps, including our most popular, choke-proof Clover Cap. Our caps are easy to open for all ages, and shapes and colors are customizable shapes to fit any brand. All stand-up pouch components are manufactured in Clean Room environments and are compatible with existing filling lines.

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