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Protect Quality

Our flexible bag-in-box and pouch packaging provide eco-conscious solutions that protect your product and deliver it to consumers with the quality you intended.

Protect Your Product From Fill Through End-Use

Trust our secure flexible packaging products to protect your products from fill through final use while providing cost savings and streamlining throughout your supply chain. 

  • All products are clean, secure, and BPA-free.
  • Tamper-evident features available.
  • Reduced risk of damage in transit.
  • Secure films and seals keep products inside their packaging wall.
  • Extended freshness and longer secondary shelf life.
  • Closed-loop systems eliminate contact exposure.

Engineered for Safety and Quality Assurance

With over 70 years in market-shaping innovation, we integrate safety at every level of our business to ensure clean, fit-for-use products that meet regulatory concerns. We provide:

Dedicated Experts.  Our teams of scientists and engineers apply their skills and ingenuity to deliver a solution that is 100% right for your market needs.

Vertical Integration.  We own many of the steps within the manufacturing process (film extrusion, injection molding, equipment engineering, bag- and pouch-making) giving us greater quality control capabilities.

Global Materials Science Lab.  Our problem-solving packaging engineers rigorously test products with application tests that mimic real world conditions.

Field Service Technicians.  We help you get set up and provide ongoing support with prompt onsite repairs from our expert technicians around the world, ensuring you maintain consistent, quality production.

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Aseptic Packaging for Quality Taste

Aseptic packaging technology allows you to offer preservative-free, shelf-stable food and beverage products that stay fresh up to 12 months­ on the shelf—no refrigeration needed—while still maintaining optimal nutrient retention, flavors, and textures.

Aseptic Packaging Technology
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Sustainable Flexible Packaging

Help protect our planet with products that empower you on your journey towards a more circular economy. When compared to rigid formats like bottles and jugs, our eco-conscious flexible packaging can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, packaging waste volume, and energy used in packaging production. Plus, with less volume it’s lighter and easier to ship, and extended shelf life helps reduce food spoilage and product waste.

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