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Convenient, natural, and economic flexible packaging solutions to ensure your juice will stand out from the crowd.

Your juice has potential to reach millions of consumers on a daily basis. In crowded retail aisles, your packaging needs to stand out from other brands vying for consumer attention. It needs to protect the purity of your product and meet ever-shifting regulatory standards required by the beverage industry. Can your packaging increase convenience and ease-of-use for your customers while decreasing your overall costs? Scholle IPN is committed to helping you meet these goals. For over 60 years, we’ve pioneered flexible packaging solutions and aseptic packaging capabilities to help our customers reach a wide range of global markets as naturally, safely, economically, and sustainably as possible. Whether your juice is headed for retail or institutional use, Scholle IPN has the flexible packaging solution for you.

Bag-in-box juice packaging is better…

For your product and consumers

  • Preserves fresh taste and extends shelf life up to 4 weeks after opening.
  • Aseptic packaging eliminates need for preservatives or additives.
  • Simple, convenient, and easy-to-use for all ages.
  • Less waste and easy to recycle.

For your distribution chain

  • Compact design optimizes shelf space and offers differentiated packaging.
  • Eliminates need for expensive cold chain logistics.
  • Efficient to ship and store with unfilled bags requiring up to 88% less storage space than bottles.
  • Hold up to 20 liters, allowing you to offer club store size preferences in a package less restricted by size than rigid jugs and bottles.
  • Better utilization of pallets with up to 95.1% cube utilization.
  • No master cartons, allows for “disappearing pallet” option, eliminating secondary corrugated packaging.
  • Efficient use of warehouse and floor space at the final destination.

For your institutional operators

  • Able to fill/dispense low- and high-acid products in a single-fitment package.
  • Bag-in-box connects directly to dispenser.
  • Provides 99.5% product evacuation improving yield and profits.
  • Easy-to-use and compatible with most major dispensing technology.
  • Sanitary closed systems eliminate contact exposure to the juice.
  • Easy-to-store, and requires no storage/return of empty containers.

Get started with our automatic bag-in-box filling equipment

Scholle IPN offers filling equipment based on your specific needs, including high-acid products like juice. The Scholle IPN SureFill® is a fully-automatic bag-in-box filling system that easily meets high-volume requirements with filling speeds up to 15 one-gallon bags per minute. Scholle IPN SureFill® offers variable speed filling and processing capabilities including Fresh, Extended Shelf-Life (ESL), Low-Acid Aseptic and High-Acid Aseptic.

Perfect your bag-in-box package with our fitments and films

Our unique aseptic processing makes it possible to offer 100% preservative-free premium juice products distributed from unfrozen concentrates, which can better replicate the taste of fresh-squeezed juice in a way that’s easy and ready-on-demand. Choose from a variety of barrier films designed to suit the needs of juice processors with features like strong seals, flex-crack resistance, and aseptic processing capability. Then select from Scholle IPN’s array of taps and precise connector fitments to suit your market needs. Our famous FlexTap® is ideal for retail use with its easy-to-use, push-button gravity dispensing, automatic shutoff, and flow rate control. Or for institutional use, our PureFlow™ aseptic ball valve fitment can meet your dispensing needs for a wide range of applications.· Its compact design is perfectly suited for installation inside small dispensing cabinets, and it’s compatible with our aseptic processing, allowing you to deliver a shelf-stable product with no refrigeration or freezing necessary.

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