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Our clean, eco-conscious flexible packaging protects your products from fill through end-use, ensuring nearly every drop is dispensed while minimizing spills.

Safe, Efficient, and Thorough Dispensing

Our bag-in-box products power dispensing systems around the world. Any flowable product—whether it’s a food, beverage, or chemical—dispenses safely, efficiently, and thoroughly with our complete bag and fitment systems.  Our expansive selection of  fitments includes taps, connectors, spouts, and caps designed to work with a variety of filling and dispensing setups. We offer:

  • Closed-loop systems eliminate contact exposure.
  • Fitments that connect directly to dispensing equipment.
  • Easy, clean disconnection for dispenser cleaning protocols.
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly fitments and connection systems.
  • Total packaging solutions that minimize mixing errors and cross-contamination during use.
  • Streamlined workflow and improved yields.
  • Precise and consistent dispensing, with no glugging or spills.
  • Intuitive designs with color-coding and ergonomic shapes.

Versi® Bag-in-Box Fitment

Scholle IPN Versi Bag-in-Box fitment

The first universal, high-flow beverage fitment compatible with all relevant fountain connectors and filling equipment. Provides seamless changeover, eliminates need for dual inventories, and provides consistent interface with all trade connectors.

The Versi line includes three types of NSF-certified trade connectors (T, S, and L), which can be made in custom-colored collars.

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The Sentry SafeLock® System

These aseptic-capable bag-in-box fitments offer safety and efficiency with simple hose or direct-connect functionality within closed-loop dispensing systems.

  • Flip-top caps provide visual tamper-evidence.
  • Replaces unsanitary refills from open-top jugs and bottles.
  • Able to fill and dispense both low- and high-acid products in a single-fitment package.

The Sentry fitment family includes the original Sentry SafeLock, as well as the QuickSeal with a self-resealing valve for safe removal of product from the dispenser during cleaning operations, and the Fastflow, designed to accommodate fast-flowing products or products with particulates.

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Scholle IPN QuickSeal Sentry SafeLock Bag-in-Box Package

1900™ Bag-in-Box Fitment

Scholle IPN 1900 Bag-in-Box Fitment

Provides a safe and economic closed-loop option for pump-out dispensers using a screw-in connector to a two-position cap.

The 1900 line includes three types of connectors (T, S, and L), which can be made in custom-colored collars.

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CleanClic Fitment for Pouch Dispensing Systems

CleanClic provides a user-friendly, intuitive connection between liquid pouches and dispensing systems. Disconnects quickly and easily for dispenser cleaning protocols. CleanClic keeps the pouch completely closed before, during, and after the dispensing process. 

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Aseptic Technology for Dispensing

Safely dispense food and beverage products with our aseptic-capable, closed-loop systems that minimize opportunities for contamination while in-use and extend freshness upon opening.

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Sustainable Flexible Packaging

Dispense safely with products that empower you on your journey towards a more circular economy. When compared to rigid formats like bottles and jugs, our clean, eco-conscious flexible packaging reduces greenhouse gas emissions, packaging waste volume, and energy used in packaging production.

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