Beverage Packaging

Flexible bag-in-box and pouch packaging keep your beverage products safe and fresh, preserving quality while extending secondary shelf life. For retail, quick-serve, or food service settings, our wide range of products dispense easily, improve efficiency, and reduce waste.

Beverage Packaging Products

High-performing packaging and dispensing solutions for beverages.

For 70 years, top brands have been trusting their products to Scholle IPN. Our flexible packaging is expertly designed to preserve freshness and taste, reduce product spoilage, and improve efficiency in dispensing. Our design team will engineer the right solution for your product, one that’s simple to install and change, with easy-to-use fitments that cut down on product waste. Scholle IPN packages are easy to load and ship, so you’ll save money on transportation. And our packaging collapses as it’s used, leaving minimal waste headed to landfills.

Scholle IPN's Key Packaging Traits

Safe Packaging


Keep products clean, secure and fit-for-use while meeting regulatory concerns.

Natural Packaging


Maintain high quality without preservatives, protecting freshness.

Sustainable Packaging


Protect our planet's resources by reducing product and packaging waste.

Economic Packaging


Provide affordable and efficient access to product, reducing shipping and storage costs.

Featured Beverage Products

FlexTap Bag-In-Box Package packaging product FlexTap Bag-In-Box Package Push-button gravity dispensing with automatic shutoff and flow rate control.
Aseptic Clean Valve packaging product Aseptic Clean Valve This spill-proof aseptic valve is ideal for on-the-go beverages packed in spouted pouches.
2300 Spigot Bag-In-Box Package packaging product 2300 Spigot Bag-In-Box Package Provide a consistent, simple experience to your customers with this self-closing thumb toggle valve.
Opti-Serve Bag-In-Box Package packaging product Opti-Serve Bag-In-Box Package Provide a consistent, simple experience to your customers with this self-closing toggle valve.
SureFill 40 packaging product SureFill 40 Advanced bag-in-box filling technologies that delivers versatility for Fresh, High-Acid and ESL processors.
Disclaimer: The information listed above is supplied in good faith and does not comprise a specification or warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including those of merchantability and fitness for purpose. Customers should determine the suitability of these materials for their specific use based upon their own internal criteria. Tests on individual samples may vary from those shown. This is an uncontrolled document and is subject to change/improvement without notice.

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